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Black Earth Products Crinkles & Curls Styling Lotion

This product is discontinued.
Non-build up styling lotion
Black Earth Products are an all natural anti-bacterial system based on Bay Laurel. All Colors and fragrances used in these products are derived from dried fruit extracts or juices.The latest in the Black Earth system of products is Crinkles and Curls Styling Lotion. This lotion holds curls, crinkles, twist outs, sets and crimps twice as long without flaking or hardening. It adds moisture and sheen, but will not cause build up. Use Crinkles and Curls to cut down on drying time. It can be used for wet sets or dry sets.

For wet sets: Wash and condition as usual. To curl locks- apply Crinkles & Curls, roll them up and set them (use end papers to avoid breakage). For crinkles- apply Crinkles & Curls, braid or twist, then sit under dryer and unbraid or twist-out for that twist out crinkled look.

For dry sets or overnight sets Same as above with dry hair.Use rods for longer a longer lasting set. Great for straw sets.

In an 8 ounce pump bottle

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