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Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream Moisturizing No Suds Shampoo

This product is discontinued.
Moisturizing, gentle, creamy, non-sudsing shampoo. Gentle enough for daily use.
Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream is a truly moisturizing shampoo that is gentle enough and moisturizing enough for frequent use. For those of us with hair that tends to be dry, the last thing we need is a shampoo to make our hair even more dry; sending our scalps into overdrive to produce oil. Daily Cleansing Cream is a non-sudsing shampoo that helps to balance oil production in the scalp thereby reducing irritation and flakes. It's also keratin safe and is great for colored and chemically treated hair.

Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream is a thick formula that is excellent for children as it won't run into their eyes. It cleanses, conditions and de-tangles in one quick step!

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