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How Treasured Locks Helped Me Make the Transition to Natural Hair

this is an email that we received from a long time client. She was replying to one of our newsletters. We have reprinted it here, with her permiission

Hello, Tywana and Brian

I truly thank you guys for these updates and communication. I know Iím not on the site nearly as much as I used to be, but I still read these updates and visit the site based on the products you showcase. When I accessed the link to your e-book (ďYour Hair Affair Ė How to Take Care of Your Curly HairĒ), I realized that it was info I had already had years ago from your site. Yes, I had gotten it from the "Reading Room and printed out pages and pages of info. Iíve placed that info in a huge binder I have with other materials about natural hair care. This is to say that I thank God for your website and your customer service. Iíve been reading and researching on your site since 2004 when I ordered the SheaMoisture Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner. That stuff was ďda bombĒ on my hair. Even a white, female minister who often visited my church saw me and said ďWow, Kimberly. Your hair is so beautiful and shiny.Ē

I can remember contacting you with questions and concerns about the scalp burns and the frequency in which I was getting my relaxers (every four weeks). Brian responded to my message, and suggested me spacing out the frequency of my perms. I followed thru on that suggestion, and asked my stylist if I could stretch my perm to six weeks one time. She agreed, and when I did get my touch-up, she complained about having to use a whole jar of perm on my head. She said sheíd never do that again unless she charged me $100 (A touchup on a relaxer cost $50). I therefore went back to my 4-week frequency. However, the words that Brian said in his response remained with me. I remember him mentioning that I knew what was going on with the scalp burns, the itching and the flakes. Yet, I was in denial and wanted a quick, miracle fix. I wasnít quite ready to take a step and do the thing that was deep in my spirit or subconscious.

Years later, I have gotten up the nerve to take that step. I have gone natural. I got my last perm on November 25, 2009 and started my transition process. October 16, 2011 will be a year since Iíve been fully natural. Iíve had good days and bad days, but Iím definitely learning my hair and I havenít looked back. Iím proud of my decision to go natural because I feel like itís one of the first and few decisions Iíve made that has truly been my own. I say that because I know that most people where Iím from still arenít down with natural hair. Theyíre caught up on the ďgood hairĒ and the ďnot everyone can go naturalĒ mindsets. Yet, Iím encouraged, and Iím going on.

I must confess that part of the reason I havenít been on your site for a while is because Iíve been a bit of a product junkie. Iíve purchased a number of products from other sites and outlets only to have to throw them away later. Most of the products Iíve ordered from you along with items from health food stores have been standbys in my regimen at home. Every now and then, I go to my stylist (a different one who did rod sets and braids on my hair during my transition). Iíve gotten knowledge and inspiration about natural hair from a number of sites. But I must say that before I knew about Nappturality, Fotki and Youtube tutorials, there was Treasured Locks. I know people have given you flack about providing info for maintaining permed hair. That was the perfect thing for me. I was getting perms when I came upon your site and your products. Not everyone is in the same place when it comes to their hair journeys, and your site caters to those differences. Your site provided the first bit of information I knew about transitioning and what to expect when going natural. Believe me. Knowledge is power when it comes to transitioning, especially when youíre in a region that doesnít cater to natural hair much. While Atlanta is a mecca teeming with Natural Hair care salons and knowledge, my local area (just 2 Ĺ hours south of Atlanta) is definitely not the same.

Right now, Iíve slowed down on ordering new products and Iím concentrating on using ones Iíve already ordered. I canít say that I will ever stop being curious or trying different products and brands. However, I believe your site and products will always be sources of info and hair care that I revisit. Thanks for your business and communications.

Wheww, I realized that Iíve pretty much told my whole natural hair journey, and I havenít been one to really document my journey. Maybe this is something I needed to do. I hope this is a good read and that I havenít bogged you down. Until next time, keep up the good work and innovative natural products.

With much love and bushy hair,