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HumiNature Normal Skin Care Regimen

This product is discontinued.
Complete skin care set for normal faces. Includes cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Approximately a 2 month supply of each.
Normal Skin Care- for skin that already has the proper oil balance, is not prone to breakouts and does not need repair we have developed the Normal Skin Care regimen. The HumiNature Normal Skin Care Regimen is gentle and effective and will help your skin maintain its balance and youthful appearance.

Because your skin has unique needs, HumiNature has developed several different face care product regimens to provide the best possible care for your particular skin type. Each is based on completely natural, non-soap cleansers, alcohol free toners and balancing moisturizers. Each is gentle, hypoallergenic and helps prevent and/or repair damage.

Start off with our mild and effective AvoJoba Facial Cleanser with Avocado and Jojoba. Our non-soap cleanser cleans without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Tone with our Cucumber Mist Toner to gently remove impurities lifted by the cleanser and to restore the proper pH balance. Finally, moisturize with our naturally hydrating AvoJoba Creme that combines rich Avocado with Jojoba and other all natural ingredients.

Our regimens are based on a 4 Step System. The fourth step is optional.
  • Step 1- Cleanse- morning and night
  • Step 2- Tone- morning and night
  • Step 3- Moisturize- morning and night
  • Step 4- Rejuvenate or Restore- evening or occasionally, as needed

The Normal Skin Care Regimen has the following HumiNature products:

  • AvoJoba Cleanser
  • Cucumber Mist Toner
  • AvoJoba Crème

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