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Kakakiki KombBrush for African American Hair

This product is discontinued.
Comb and brush, in one, detangling tool designed specifically for African American hair. Prevents hair loss. Encourages hair growth.
Kakakiki KombBrush for African American Hair

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NuBone II combs are the best combs for African-American hair. Made of hard, durable organic resins, they are hard as bone. Hand finished there are no jagged edges like quick molded plastic combs have to snag hair and cause breakage.  With wide spaced teeth that come to a point to push through tangles and a handle built for comfort this comb will make combing out your wet hair a breeze.  

Nubone II combs are an investment in the future of your hair and a must have for anyone serious about taking care of her hair.

<li>100% organic resins
<li>Lasts a lifetime
<li>Hand finished to perfection
<li>Will not snag hair
<li>Heat resistant
Nubone II Handcrafted Detangler Comb
Regular Price: $14.99
Now Only: $11.99
Ultimate comb for styling African-American hair.  Bone hard to be impervious to damage and hand-crafted finish that will not damage hair.
Nubone II Master Pro Rake Tail Comb
Regular Price: $15.00
Now Only: $11.99
Fine toothed comb, great for styling permed hair and for back combing.
Nubone II Superfine Tail Comb
Regular Price: $12.00
Now Only: $9.99