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The Knotty Truth- Creating Beautiful Locks On A Dime

The Knotty Truth- Creating Beautiful Locks On A Dime

268 pages, 8"x10"
The Knotty truth- Creating Beautiful Locks On A Dime is a comprehensive guide to how to create and maintain beautiful locks. This is the only book on locks you will ever need. The book includes everything you could want when it comes to deciding on locks, creating locks, maintaining locks and even removing locks. This large 8"x10" almost 300 page book is full of detailed instructions, photographs, interviews and illustrations that will take you step-by-step through the entire process and make you understand not just what to do but how to do it and why you're doing it. The Knotty Truth- Creating Beautiful Locks On A Dime is suitable for everyone from the person who wants to do their own locks at home to professionals who need to learn how to consult with and lock their clients' hair.

The book is a four part manual on the care of dreadlocks. Ms. George, the author, holds advanced science degrees and has taken a scientific approach in this book. The book is chock full of charts, diagrams, instructions, photographs.  It is actually used as an instruction manual in continuing education instruction (CEU) in the cosmetology industry. The book doesn't just cover the mechanics of how to do locks but, will give you a fairly advanced course in understanding and caring for your natural hair- covering topics such as which oils to use (and not use), coloring hair, how to know which products are good for your hair and much, more.

Book Contents


  •     Holistic Health Care
    • How to properly nourish and feed the hair
  •     The State of the Hair
    • How to determine the biological and physiolocial state of the hair
  •     Now What?
    • How to determine the best locking method
  •     Excerpt 1
    • Commitment

  •     Setting the Grid
    • It's all about the parts!
  •     The Root of the Matter
    • Lock installation and tightening, how to?
  •     The Evolution of the Lock
    • What changes to expect during the locking process and when
  •     Washing Dreaded Locks of Hair
    • Cleansing locks
  •     Lock Challenges: When, Why, How?
    • It's all about the questions!
  • Excerpt 2: Professional & nappy!
    • Yes, locks are professional!   The real question is: are you?

  • Creating Beautiful Locks On A Dime with Organic, Free-form Locks!
    • With Dilicia and Jordan
  • Creating Beautiful Locks On A Dime with Coils!
    • With Francheska, Jay, G. George and Yvonne
  • Creating Beautiful Locks On A Dime with 2-strand twists!
    • With Christy, Michelle and Natacha
  • Creating Beautiful Locks On A Dime with Braids!
    • With the author M. Michele George
  • Creating Beautiful Locks On A Dime with Backcombed-interlocked Locks!
    • The 3-step lock & roll method with Brenda
  • Creating Beautiful Locks On A Dime with SisterlocksTM!
    • With Shauna and Bena
  • Excerpt 3:
    • Black girls do swim!

  • How to Style On A Dime!
    • Styling and accessorizing locks
  • Lock Take Down
    • How to take down locks
  • Finding the Right Stylist
    • Questions to ask during the consultation and a quick consultation from Queen Roshae, licensed cosmetologist
  • Excerpt 4
    • Challenging barriers to economic opportunity

About the Author

Ms. M. Michele George, the author has worked in the pharmaceutiful industry and as a molecular biologist and biomedical research coordinator.  she is also certified as a natural hair stylist/consultant and is a natural hair care advocate in the state of Ohio (which happens to be where Treasured Locks is).

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Customer Reviews for this Product

The Knotty Truth- Creating Beautiful Locks On A Dime
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
NE Ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent Book!
April 1, 2012
I am so excited to see that you carry this book. I am in Ohio as well and we should be proud. From NE Ohio to NW, down to Cinci Ohio has a treasure mine of experience in natural hair care. This says a lot in spite of the dominance of the Cosmetology Board in this state and their oppressive regulations! I will send buyers here instead of Amazon! Go Buckeyes!