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Natural-Laxer Questions

Questions we are getting about Natural-Laxer MIX:

How many applications will I get with from a kit?
How is this product different from the regular Natural-Laxer?
Can I use this product if my hair is permed?
Will Natural-Laxer MIX break my hair off?
Can I overprocess my hair or burn my scalp with Natural-Laxer MIX?
Will Natural-Laxer MIX make my hair straight?
Will Natural-Laxer MIX relax my hair?
Does Natural-Laxer MIX contain any harmful chemicals?
Will Natural-Laxer MIX change my natural hair?  I like my natural hair
What will Natural-Laxer MIX do for my locks?
Will Natural-Laxer MIX tame my "frizzy" hair?
How often do I use Natural-Laxer MIX?
What happens when I stop using Natural-Laxer MIX?  How do I "transition" back?
Do I apply Natural-Laxer MIX to the roots only?
Is Natural-Laxer MIX safe?
Is Natural-Laxer MIX safe for children?
Is Natural-Laxer MIX safe for pregnant women?
Can I use Natural-Laxer MIX between perms?
Can I use Natural-Laxer MIX to transition from a perm to natural hair?
What is in the Natural-Laxer MIX?
How is the Natural-Laxer MIX different from a texturizer?
What are the benefits of the Natural-Laxer MIX for my...
    Colored hair
    Relaxed hair
    Natural hair
    Locked hair
    Wavy or Frizzy hair
    Straight hair

Q.) How many applications will I get from a Natural-Laxer MIX Package
A.) For an average head of hair, you will probably get one application per jar. For long or very thick hair, you may get a little less and need more than a jar for an application. For short hair, you might get two applications.

Q.) How is this product different than your regular Natural-Laxer?

A.)  The Natural-Laxer plus is a blend of sun dried exotic herbs.  The results are more immediate.  It works only in conjunction with Sahara Clay.  It can also be used as a facial product.  Can be used on any color hair without discoloring the hair.  Provides more luster and revitalization than the original product.  Rinses easier than the original product.

Q.) Can I use the Natural-Laxer MIX over a chemical perm?
A.) Yes.  It helps repair damage from the perm, strengthens and adds luster and bounce. 

Q.) Will Natural-Laxer MIX break my hair?
A.) No. Natural-Laxer MIX heals not harms.

Q.) Can I overprocess my hair or burn my scalp?
A.) No.  The product contains no caustic chemicals that would break down your hair or burn your scalp.

Q.) Will Natural-Laxer MIX make my hair straight?
A.) No.  Even though the product is a natural relaxer, it does not straighten hair like a chemical perm.  If you have kinky, "typical" African hair, no product short of a perm will make your hair straight.  Many of our clients use the Natural-Laxer products in conjunction with pressing on those occasions when they do want straight hair.  Natural-Laxer MIX will make your hair much more manageable, loosen the curl pattern and reduce tangles.  But, it will not make your hair straight.

Q.) Will Natural-Laxer MIX relax my hair?
A.) Yes- somewhat.   A truly natural relaxer will gradually relax your hair (to a point) with continuous use.

Q.) Does Natural-Laxer MIX contain any harmful chemicals?
A.) Natural-Laxer Plus consists of a blend of sun dried exotic herbs, processed to be easily made into a paste.  The herbs are not chemically altered, nor are any chemicals added.  Other so-called "natural" relaxers are really perms.  Some start out with natural ingredients that are then altered to make them into powerful chemical compounds. Natural-Laxer MIX is gentle, mild and natural by any definition of the term.

Q.) I like my Natural hair.  What will Natural-Laxer MIX do to my Natural hair? Will it change my natural hair?
A.) Natural-Laxer MIX will enhance your Natural hair.  It leaves it looking Natural.  But, it adds luster, cleanses it, makes it more manageable, strengthens it and reduces breakage.  The increased manageability gives many people more styling options.  It will not make your Natural hair look permed.  It will not make any permanent changes to the structure of your hair.

Q.) What will Natural-Laxer MIX do for my Locks?
A.) Natural-Laxer MIX is great for deep cleaning mature locks.  It softens, revitalizes and strengthens them as well.  Natural-Laxer MIX rinses out more easily than the original product.  So, it is great for locks where the original product did tend to be difficult to rinse out of locked hair.

Q.) I have "frizzy" hair. I'd like to tame it a little but not completely straighten it.  Can Natural-Laxer MIX help me?
A.) Natural-Laxer MIX will immediately tame the "frizzies".

Q.) How often can I use Natural-Laxer MIX?
A.) As often as you like.  On virgin, natural hair, initially, we recommend one application per week for three weeks. After that, once per month should be enough.  Can be used more or less frequently depending on what you would like to do.

Q.) What will happen to my hair when I stop using the Natural-Laxer MIX?  Will it break off?  How do I transition back?
A.) When you discontinue use of Natural-Laxer MIX, nothing happens to your hair.  The treatment will gradually wear off.  There is no transition period required.  A perm can be applied over top of Natural-Laxer MIX or the hair can be left Natural. 

Q.) Do I apply Natural-Laxer MIX to the new growth (roots) or all over?
A.) Unlike a chemical perm, there is no harm done by applying Natural-Laxer MIX to the hair again and again.  In fact, since the product does not cause permanent changes to the hair, it must be applied to the entire hair shaft each time it is used.

Q.) Is Natural-Laxer MIX safe?  Does it burn? 
A.) Natural-Laxer Plus is completely safe when used as directed. There is no risk of burning and no strong chemical odor.

Q.) Is Natural-Laxer Plus safe for Teens and Children?
A.) Natural-Laxer MIX is chemical-free.  It's much safer for developing bodies than the strong chemicals contained in perms (home perms or professionally applied perms).  People concerned about the Daphne Gnidium (active ingredient in the original Natural-Laxer) are encouraged to try Natural-Laxer MIX.

Q.) Is Natural-Laxer MIX safe for pregnant women?
A.) We have no reason to believe that Natural-Laxer MIX is NOT safe for pregnant women. However, to make the claim that it is safe might be construed as medical advice, which we cannot give.  The ingredients are listed on the package and on the website. If you have any concerns at all, you should consult your doctor.

Q.) Can I use Natural-Laxer MIX between perms?
A.) Yes.  It will strengthen your hair and reduce the amount of chemical damage

Q.) Can I use Natural-Laxer MIX to transition to Natural hair?
A.) Yes.  It's a fantastic transitional system.  This is one of its greatest benefits.  It will minimize the amount of breakage you will experience while growing your perm out.  Many people who are not ready to take the big chop or wear a TWA, love the Natural-Laxer because it give them the ability to keep their length while transitioning.

Q.) What is in the Natural-Laxer MIX?
A.) Natural-Laxer MIX is a blend of carefully selected sun-dried herbs:  myrtle, valerian, rose petals, red clover, fenugreek, nettle and sage.  Sahara Clay is unadulterated clay containing natural minerals.

Q.) How is this product different from a texturizer?
  1. ) A texturizer is a "chemical" process- Natural-Laxer MIX is unadulterated herbs and clay
  2. ) A texturizer makes a permanent change to your hair- Natural-Laxer MIX is temporary- wearing off in a period of 6-8 weeks
  3. ) A texturizer breaks down your hair's structure- Natural-Laxer Plus enhances your natural hair
  4. ) Natural-Laxer MIX is gentle- you can even give yourself a facial with it as you are using it on your hair.  You'd never do that with a texturizer
  5. ) Natural-Laxer MIX will not make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your hair.  It gently loosens the hair, making it more manageable and smoother. 

Benefits of Natural-Laxer MIX include:

  • Exceptional manageability- reduces tangles
  • Relaxes- loosens the curl pattern of the hair.
  • Revitalizes
  • Strengthens
  • Repairs- dry, damaged hair from perms, coloring or neglect.
  • Adds luster
  • Rejuvenates locks
  • Naturally enhances
  • Deep cleans hair and skin leaving both with healthy glow
The blend of Sahara Clay and Natural-Laxer MIX is not only a luxurious Hair Spa Treatment but also a fabulous facial...all in one! Baka Beauty  Silk Protein Conditioner  conditions and corrects in just 60 seconds leaving the hair with a silky smooth finish.  Baka Beauty Moist Plus Shampoo infuses moisture in to the hair shaft and gently cleanses. 

All four components work together as a Natural Hair Spa  system producing exceptional results for all hair types: natural, permed, locked, afro, curly, straight, wavy.

Colored Hair:
It does not discolor any hair color including white, gray or blonde. Color can be applied immediately because Natural-Laxer MIX is chemical free.

Relaxed Hair:  
Your permed hair will blow in the wind when treated with our Natural Hair Spa System. Can be used immediately after a perm.  The Natural-Laxer MIX is a gradual, gentle relaxer with frequent continuous use.

Natural Hair:
Your Natural hair will be more manageable and naturally enhanced.  The Natural-Laxer MIX does not change the molecular structure of your hair.  This is an excellent product for transitioning from permed hair to Natural hair, while avoiding the breakage normally associated with this transition.

Locked Hair:
Softens while strengthening.  Excellent for use on mature locks.  Clarifies and extracts impurities for  luster and revitalization. Deep cleans and adds new life to your locks.  Clients who tried the Natural-Laxer but found it too difficult to rinse out of locks are encouraged to try the Natural-Laxer MIX.

Wavy or Frizzy Hair
Smoothes out waves for maximum smoothness without a perm.  Reduces frizziness.

Straight Hair:
Gives hair more bounce and more sheen.  Revitalizes, strengthens and deep cleans.