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Nubian Heritage Lemongrass & Tea Tree Lotion

This product is discontinued.
Light non-greasy Shea Butter lotion with the uplifting aroma of Lemongrass and anti-bacterial properties of Tea Tree.
Nubian Heritage Lemongrass and Tea Tree Lotion blends the naturally de-odorizing Lemongrass with its lemony aroma and anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil. Lemongrass' scent is known to relieve stress. Antiseptic Tea Tree Oil heals and restores moisture to dry skin. Softening vegetable butters and plant oils leave your skin baby-smooth. Sunflower oil, rich in Vitamins A, B, D and F, antioxidant Vitamin E and Comfrey Root extract have been added to nourish and protect the skin and restore elasticity.

For generations, Lemongrass, with its strong, sweet lemony aroma, has been used in purification rituals and promote psychic awareness. Steam-distilled Lemongrass essential oil from Madagascar has a strong use of medicinal use in the West Indies, Africa and South America.

Paraben Free Formula

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