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Professional Conditioning Heat Cap

This product is discontinued.
Heat cap with three precise settings. Just like the professionals use.
This is a top quality professional grade thermal conditioning heat cap is just what you need for those deep penetrating hair and scalp treatments. Compare the cost of this cap to just one trip to the hair dresser for a deep conditioning treatment and you'll see it pays for itself with just one use.

If your hair has been dried out by over-processing and other damage and is looking dry, dull and listless this cap, along withe one of our great deep conditioning products will reverse that and give you smooth, supple, healthy hair. Ised, along with the proper scalp treatment, it helps relieve dry, itchy scalp. Keeps hair both soft and manageable. By opening up the cuticles of the hair, it allows moisturizing treatments to penetrate to the layers of the hair where they can do their work.
  • Better than bubble dryers because it won't dry out skin
  • Great for use with heat-activated products like deep conditioners, hot oil treatments, the Natural-Laxer, etc.
  • Automatic thermostat controlled unit prevents overheating
  • Unique design provides evenly-heated treatments.
  • Two heat settings give you control
  • One year Limited Warranty
Designed for use only in the United States and Canada.

Please read all instructions and warnings before ordering or using the cap.

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