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Professional Conditioning Heat Cap

Professional Conditioning Heat Cap

This is a top quality professional grade thermal conditioning heat cap is just what you need for those deep penetrating hair and scalp treatments. Compare the cost of this cap to just one trip to the hair dresser for a deep conditioning treatment and you'll see it pays for itself with just one use. If your hair has been dried out by over-processing and other damage and is looking dry, dull and listless this cap, along withe one of our great deep conditioning products will reverse that and give you smooth, supple, healthy hair. Ised, along with the proper scalp treatment, it helps relieve dry, itchy scalp. Keeps hair both soft and manageable. By opening up the cuticles of the hair, it allows moisturizing treatments to penetrate to the layers of the hair where they can do their work.
  • Better than bubble dryers because it won't dry out skin
  • Great for use with heat-activated products like deep conditioners, hot oil treatments, the Natural-Laxer, etc.
  • Automatic thermostat controlled unit prevents overheating
  • Unique design provides evenly-heated treatments.
  • Two heat settings give you control
  • One year Limited Warranty
Designed for use only in the United States and Canada.

Please read all instructions and warnings before ordering or using the cap.

Use instructions:

  1. Preheat cap on high setting
  2. Apply treatment to hair (hot oil, conditioner, color, Natural-Laxer Plus or other)
  3. Adjust heat cap to desired setting
  4. Wait 2 minutes
  5. Place cap on head for a 15-20 minute treatment or according to directions of the product you are using

Important Safety Instructions

Danger- to reduce the risk of burns, electric shock and fire this product must be used in accordance with the following instructions

  1. Read all instructions carefully
  2. Do not use while sleeping
  3. Do not use on an infant
  4. This pad is not to be used on or by an invalid, sleeping or unconscious person or a person with poor blood circulation unless carefully attended.
  5. Do not use on area of insensitive skin
  6. Burns can occur regardless of control setting. Check skin under pad frequently.
  7. Never use pad without cover in place
  8. When using heat cap, booties or mitts, be sure to use the removable plastic liner with each unit
  9. Do not use pins or other metallic means to fasten this product in place.
  10. Do not sit on or crush pad.  Avoid sharp folds.
  11. Never pull this product by the supply cord
  12. Do not use the supply cord as a handle
  13. Carefully examine the inner cover before each use. Discard the pad if the inner cover shows any sign of deterioration.
  14. This heating pad has  a polarized plus (one blade is wider than the other) as a safety feature.  This plug will fit into a polarized outlet only one way.  If the plug does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug.  If it still does not fit, contact a licensed electrician.   Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature.
  15. Save these instructions.

By DIANE LAWRENCE from greenvlle nc on January 29, 2012
can i use curlers with the mastex heating cap?
By Treasured Locks Staff on January 30, 2012

If you can fit them under the cap you can use curlers.

By darlene from kansas city,kan on February 21, 2013
does the heating cap have a plastic cap over your hair and then the heating cap goes on the head.
By Treasured Locks Staff on February 22, 2013

Yes, it's recommended to use a disposable plastic liner (available in any beauty supply store) under the conditioning cap.

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Customer Reviews for this Product

Professional Conditioning Heat Cap
4.5 Stars based on 32 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love the product!!
December 3, 2014
I have only used this a couple of times and I'm so happy I bought it and for me there is nothing like deep conditioning my hair at the comfort of my home. I used to deep condition at the salon for $90.00 and bought this for less than $40 for me that's the best investment ever and my hair looks great!

Van Nuys, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Changed my life!
July 6, 2011
I love doing my own treatments but I hate the hooded dryer. Don't get me wrong, it has it's moments... I have tons of nostalgia of my mom's shop in mississippi but being the film buff that I am it gets uncomfortable, noisy, and OLD real quick when I'm at home! Fly in the pro condish heat cap and all is right in the world once. The design is a bit "retro" but that just feeds my nostalgia as I lie back and write this review AND watch my movie :D My boyfriend comes home and laughs but it never fails that after I use it and finish styling my hair that he comments on how good it looks (and that is a feat within itself)! If you're still reading I'll end this on a semi-scientific note as my final thought: I feel like it's properly allowing my treatment to penetrate the hair shaft instead of cooking the product into my scalp (ow!)...simply marvelous. A bit about me... I've been my naturally nappy, type 4b, boingy doingy self for a year now and loving it

Janet Burtnick
Baltimore, Maryland
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Professional Conditioning Heat Cap
September 11, 2015
Works well for conditioning and temporary color. The one thing that kept it from a 5 star rating was only 2 heat settings (low and high)m. The high didn't get as hot as the high setting on my old Wella heat cap which had 3 settings. Low, medium and high. It lasted over 30 yrs. Hopefully this will last as long.

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 20, 2014
I bought this heat cap over 5 years ago and it still works in great condition. It does get hot so must put a plastic cap under it. It is such an essential for hot oil treatments, definitely recommend!

philadelphia, PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Amazing Heating Cap
March 21, 2014
I just want to say i stumbled upon this website by accident and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. The heating cap heats your entire head evenly and it's quiet so you can read a book or something while its on. The only thing I will say is that after its preheated be very aware of where your ears are because it will be really hot. I love this website and will definitely be purchasing items in the near future!!!!

Hoffman Estates, IL
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Better than a bonnet dryer
November 23, 2013
I like this conditioning cap - easy to use and I don't have to bring out my bonnet dryer. It has an adjustable thermostat and it's UL Listed. The cap holds heat well and distributes it all over. The only drawback for me is that it's hard to get all my locs into the cap! Otherwise, it's great!

Charlotte, NC
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Gets the job done!
June 4, 2013
This cap seems to do what it says and really condition evenly. It works well with the natural laxer and I can't wait to try it with hot oil treatments

2 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Too small
April 29, 2013
While this product heated fine, it was not quite large enough for all of my daughter's hair. It did not cover her head completely no matter how tightly I twisted up her hair. So we used it in combination with a heating pad. Not too pretty but got the job done. I would recommend this to people with small heads and thinnner hair.

Tanger Giddens-Baker
Hampton, VA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product
March 19, 2012
I am so glad that I decided to purchase this cap. It makes it easier for me to treat/condition my hair. It is real easy to use.

Amanda Bowling
Roswell, GA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sweet heat
December 2, 2011
This cap gets nice and hot and is comfortable for both me and my daughter.

Connie Pitt Johnson
West Hills, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent Product
September 24, 2011
Tried this for the first time and really loved it. Will continue to use it as my hair is all natural and I' constantly deep conditioning it or using other products. Thanks for a wonderful product!!!!

Madison, TN
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

August 7, 2011
Finally a convenient way to soften and help restore my hair's nutrients. I can actually apply heat to my hair without using a wet towel, or a handheld blowdryer. I have told everyone about treasured locks. Lightweight so I can take it anywhere. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Thank you, and I will be coming back for more purchases.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

7 Years & Still Going Strong
June 17, 2011
I can't find my old account since none of the email addresses I tried are registered, but to the best of my knowledge I ordered this (and other stuff) back in 2004 while deployed. It's been a few years since I used it. I think it sat in storage (non-climate controlled) for most of those years. I'm using it right now as I type this, and it works and looks as good as new.

Houston, TX
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works great!!!
June 16, 2011
I used it as soon as I got it! Used my Ojon mask and my hair came out beautiful after washing and styling!!! But like the other reviews said, it does get that warm in the back of the cap, wish that were different. I used the time while sitting there with the cap on to catch up on some reading and organizing some papers, so the length of the cord didn't matter to me! It was nice to have some "me" time!!! Great product!! Much better than having a coloring cap on and using the hair dryer. Much easier and convenient. Worth the $$$.

Indio, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good stimulation
May 16, 2011
The warmth helps with the conditioning better than the hood dryer.