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Pure Guild Hair Regrowth Serum

Pure Guild Hair Regrowth Serum

3.5 fluid ounces

Pure Guild Hair Regrowth Serum is the third step in a three step system for men and women who have experienced hair loss and want to regrow it. These products are for men and women who want to avoid harsh chemicals and drugs yet want something that will actually work. Proven to be effective on even the most stubborn type of hair loss- male pattern baldness, Pure Guild Hair Regrowth Shampoo is the perfect blend of nature with science. Active ingredients in Pure Guild Hair Regrowth Serum, Shampoo, and Conditioner maintain their molecular integrity and full spectrum of biological activities because no solvents are used and no heat is applied to extract them. Pure Guild employs only gentle mechanical compression over time to extract highly effective compounds from powerful raw materials. Although costly, this process yields a superior molecule, while other organic brands use chemical solvents like hexane or ether, which adulterate the final product, and heat distillation, which actually reduces the therapeutic properties. Super-premium Pure Guild cosmeceuticals contain no sodium lauryl sulfate or other detergents. They are strictly hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and never tested on animals. Pure Guild Hair Regrowth Shampoo prevents additional hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth in five ways:
  • Regulates hormone balance
  • Improves vascularization (blood supply)
  • Stimulates cell metabolism (speeds up the cells that produce hair)
There's much more. If you want to read all of the science behind the Pure Guild Hair Regrowth products, please see this page Pure Guild Science Make sure you come back here to buy.

Primary ingredient: Lupinus albus (white lupin) extract Inactive ingredients: deionized water, glycerol (vegetable origin), xanthan gum, isostearyl lactate, phenoxyethanol

By Dorothy from New York, New York on January 20, 2012
I am a female over 40 yrs. and would like to know if once I start using Pure Guild Hair
Regrowth Serum and see positive results, would I have to continue using it in order to keep the new growth? I believe some hair growth products must be continued or they will not work.
By Treasured Locks Staff on January 20, 2012

Usually, the answer to your question would be yes. Once you start using any product to treat hair loss, you must continue use of that product to keep the benefits. That is because there is not a cure for hair loss due to genetic pattern balding. The changes in the body that cause that type of hair loss don't go away with the treatment and will cause hair loss again once treatment is discontinued.

However, if the cause for the hair loss goes away then discontinuing treatment would not cause hair loss again. Temporary conditions like medications, stress or improper nutrition can be addressed and then the continued use of Pure Guild would not be required.

By Donna from Virginia on March 3, 2013
Can the Pure Gold Hair Regrowth Serum be usds with another shampoo and conditioner? I am using a product that is nataural and contains no sulfates or parabens. Also, what are the best product to use for breakage as the nape of the nec and along the hairline due to chemical relaxer damage. (I have stoppped using chemical relaxers.)
By Treasured Locks Staff on March 4, 2013

Pure Guild Hair Regrowth Serum can be used with any high quality shampoo and conditioner. For best and fastest results, it should be used with the other Pure Guild products or Revita Shampoo. However, if funds are limited, other shampoo and conditioners can be used.

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Customer Reviews for this Product

Pure Guild Hair Regrowth Serum
4 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Kara Bishop
Columbia, Tennessee
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

magic potion
October 13, 2012
I have tried many products over the past 10 years to help with my thinning hair. I have been to different medical specialists and had professionals give me their over-priced opinion...there was nothing they could find that was the cause of my hair loss, and there was nothing I could do about it. A friend at work recommended I try this product. The costs is somewhat staggering for the amount of product you recieve, and the conditioner smells a little like dog shampoo in my opinion. I also had to find a new container for my shampoo, as the pump NEVER worked, which was a disappointment as I paid $40 for the tiny bottle. Other than that, I have no complaints about the product. The shampoo works very well and smells heavenly! The serum is easy to use, but I find if I apply the 15 pumps suggested, my hair feels stiff and goopy, so you may want to experiment to find your magic number of pumps. The conditioner works well, and aside form the strange smell, I find it effective. Now the reason for continued use- after 3 weeks, I had my hair cut and my hairdresser said my hair seems 'poofier and fuller' on top. My husband also said my hair doesn't look as thin in the sunlight. So, would I buy this product again, most likely. I would also recommend it to another person with a similar dilemma. I wish the cost was more in keeping with the size of product you get, but if it works, I can suck it up and cough up the cash.

Pam Williams
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Small Change
September 27, 2011
I have only received this product three days ago and briefly been using it. I have used other product so, this is a premature review, but I do see some fuzzy traces of hair. It will take a little longer to for better results.