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Shaver's Choice Smooth! Skin Therapy

This product is discontinued.
Razor Bump Preventative After Shave
Shaver's Choice Smooth Skin 1 Therapy is an all-natural patented formula that aids in the prevention and elimination of razor bumps, ingrown hairs and other shaving irritations. It contains a blend of apricot kernel oil, palm kernel oil, oat flour, vitamin A, mink oil, and wheat germ oil in a white petrolatum base. Contains no steroids, acids, alcohol, aspirin, coal tar, or sulfates.

Instead of masking the symptoms of pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) or treating the symptoms of existing ingrown hairs, Shaver's Choice Smooth Skin Therapy actually prevents the causes of PFB.

Enhances the hair out of the follicle causing it to be smoother. Smooths and softens skin and reduces blemishes.

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