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Natural Hair Care, Black Hair Care and Styles, Hair Growth and more at

Give us two minutes to tell you a little about us.  Watch this short video.

Congratulations!  You've Found It!  Why You Should Shop at Treasured Locks

Welcome to Treaured Locks.  If you've been searching for the best black hair care on the Internet, this is the place.  You want to look and feel your best and you've been looking for help with that.  We are experts in African-American hair and skin care and we are here to help you achieve your personal best.  We know how frustrating this search can be.  We were on it ourselves several years ago which is why Treasured Locks is here for you now.  We can be your one stop place for information and products.  No more driving all over town.  No more asking advice from people who don't understand you and your needs.

The Place for Quality Black Hair Hair Care Products

If you're a discriminating shopper looking for high quality and natural products to take care of your hair and skin, you've come to the right place.  We offer a huge selection of black hair care products and black skin care products for the customer who won't settle for what the local beauty supply or drug store is selling. 

High Quality at Low Prices

If you demand excellence but don't want to pay the "salon" products or fancy label "designer" products, our in-house brands (Treasured Locks, HumiNature and Ajuvèn)offer unsurpassed quality at very reasonable prices.

Education on How to Take Care of Your Hair

Ask Us, We Can Help

We are experts in Black hair and skin care.  We've written numerous articles that you are welcome to read.  And, we maintain an ever-expanding database of the questions we get most frequently- including black hair care tips, black skin care information and more.

Please take some time and look around.  Visit our About Us page for more information on the company and our philosophy. Treasured Locks is a black owned company that works largely with African-American owned companies to bring you products that are suitable for black hair and skin care. If you cannot find the answer to your question on our website, please call us toll free at 1.888.675.7161.

Thanks for stopping in! We're sure you'll find a lot you will like.

We're happy to feature the following premium quality products:

A Simple Case - Top quality satin pillow case that protects both hair and skin, retaining moisture, decreasing wrinkles in skin and decreasing hair breakage.Ajuvèn for Men - Our own premium line of natural men's care products designed for the needs of the African American metrosexual.
Baka Beauty Products - Producer of the Natural-Laxer and Natural-Laxer Plus Natural Herbal Hair RelaxerBlack Earth Products - S.T.E.P.S. bay laurel anti-bacterial system for Natural Hair Care
Black Opal Cosmetics - Facial care products designed specifically for the special needs of black skin careBlack Opal for Men - Shaving products that help prevent razor bumps.
Body Drench - Bump Fighter Razors - Razor blades and handles designed specifically to fight razor bumps. These razors are especially god for African American shaving as Black men often suffer from pseudofolliculitis barbae that is made worse with common razor blades.
DS Laboratories - Treasured Locks has teamed with DS Laboratories to bring you hair loss treatments that work. All of DS Laboratories products feature a remarkably innovative liposome technology that was the result of years of research and the involvement of some of the most brilliant minds in biochemistry. This technology dramatically enhances the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the products.Formula 103 - Formula 103 is a unique razorless shaving cream especially formulated for the needs of African American men and women. Formula 103 softens and removes hair while protecting skin preventing the problems associated with using razors or electric shavers on black hair.
G-Wrap Hair Wrap - The G-Wrap is a newly patented* hair wrap design. The G-Wrap is made of the highest quality of luxurious stretch nylon fabric and is perfect for wrapping your hair while sleeping. The G-Wrap's design keeps it secured to your head. Whether you wear your hair natural, relaxed or curled. The G-Wrap's unique original design is beautiful as well as functional.Hair Rules - Hair Rules is a complete line of products designed for women with wavy, curly and kinky hair. The products are designed to allow you to create your own hair care and styling routine based on your particular hair type and how you want to wear your hair.
HumiNature - Our own natural line of skin care productsNubian Heritage - Shea Butter lotion, soaps, body washes and fragrances- including African Black Soap with Shea Butter
Our Most Popular Products by Social Sharing - Pure Guild - The people of Pure Guild are just like you. They lose hair. They get zits. They hate dry skin. They decided they only want cosmeceuticals that are both clinically effective and naturally pure. Just like you. Instead of reaching for drugs or chemicals, Pure Guild searches for the finest natural and organic compounds and extracts them in a method that keeps them pure and effective and delivers them to you. These principles have been brought to the problems of hair loss, dry skin, itching, cellulite, etc. resulting in highly effective products that you can use with confidence.
Seche - SheaMoisture - Full line of Shea Butter products for hair & body
Simply Smooth - Treasured Locks - Our own line of finest quality natural hair and skin care products
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