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Shaver's Choice Testimonials
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Shaver's Choice Testimonials

I tried the Shaver's Choice cream for approximately one month. I had some hair bumps under my chin which really bothered me. I'd always forget and scratch these bumps which made them bleed and become inflamed and swollen. After using Shaver's Choice my problem has cleared up altogether. All the dark spots under my chin from previous bumps have faded away as well. Shaver's Choice is a life saver.

T. Kendrick, Marietta, GA
I have always had sensitive skin to the point where I could not shave on consecutive days. For the first time in my life, I have been able to shave 3 days in a row.

D. Mitchell, Pearl, MS
A man's confidence is on his face.  Razor bumps and acne can destroy that. Shaver's Choice works. It will give you a bagful of confidence.

G. C. Cameron,  Singer/Songwriter, The Spinners
Wow! The shaving gel is wonderful! I am a 63 year old male whose skin breaks out from time to time from close shaving. Not with Shaver's Choice. It's a miracle for tender facial skin. Now, using the gel for the first time today was the smoothest shave I have ever experienced. Your products "made my day".

J. Rucker, Starkville, MS
Excerpt from a letter written to Senators Thad Cochran and Trent Lott:

... the product, Shaver's Choice, is potentially revolutionary. For years, shavers have suffered from skin irritations. For many black men, it is pain and disfigurement, not just irritation. Shaver's Choice is a product that will change the uniformed services and other industries that require men to conform to shaving standards. It will open employment and advancement opportunities to men previously discouraged by razor bumps. I use the product daily and am satisfied with the results I have received...

C. Doty President, Lextron Corp
The wonderful folks at Shaver's Choice sent me a few jars of Shaver's Choice After Shave Skin Therapy to test.  Not only did we try it, we took some to Randall's Barbershop. Well the results are in and Shaver's Choice is the real deal.  It was developed to eliminate nicks, cuts, and razor bumps.  Shaver's Choice contains all natural ingredients.   This product works and we endorse it.

Gary Johnson President,
Shaver's Choice is the best thing that ever happened to me. After using it for the first  four days after I shaved, I noticed the difference in my face. This product makes your face feel softer and younger. I strongly feel that anyone who tries this product will have the same satisfying results,  just as I did. 

E. Littleton, Jackson, MS
I recommend Shaver's Choices to anyone who has a problem shaving. It has reduced my bumps significantly. I've been using Shavers' Choice for 5 weeks and noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin. Shaving is not a pleasurable task, but a task made better by Shavers' Choice. I've tried many other products, but this one stands out for ease of use and results.

MSgt. J. McAfee, USAF