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Treasured Locks HumiNature Moisturizing Conditioner

This product is discontinued.
Rich, salon grade conditioner. Natural lavender essential oil fragrance.
Treasured Locks HumiNature™ Moisturizing Conditioner is made from the finest natural ingredients available. Pro-vitamin B-5, extra moisturizers and protein rich keratin give strength and luster to dry, damaged hair. Formulated especially for dry and/or chemically processed hair. Also contains:
  • Natural jojoba penetrates hair leaving it conditioned without feeling greasy. coltsfoot & birch sap
  • Pro-Vitamin B nourishes and softens hair
  • Soy and Wheat Proteins strengthen hair
  • Paraben-free formula
For best results use after Treasured Locks HumiNature™ Moisturizing Shampoo or Treasured Locks Silky Salon Smoothing Shampoo™. Chemical processes (perms, colorings, highlights, relaxers, etc.) destroy part of the protein in your hair. Our shampoos and conditioners help to replenish that protein that has been lost. This reduces brittleness and leaves your hair strong and vibrant. African hair also needs a great deal of moisture. Chemical treatments tend to reduce the moisture level of the hair. Even heat from curling irons, blow dryers and pressing combs destroy the moisture in the hair's cuticle. Our moisturizing shampoos and conditioners return the hair to its correct pH level and moisturize. They provide a smooth, silky feel and leave your hair with a healthy luster. Our conditioners also help to detangle making hair easier to comb and reducing breakage that happens during comb-outs after shampooing. Treasured Locks’ shampoos are natural based, salon grade shampoos formulated specifically for the conditions common to African-American, bi-racial or chemically treated hair. African hair tends to be dry and is more fragile than Caucasian hair. Our shampoos use the finest natural ingredients. We use gentle cleansers that clean effectively enough to remove build-up that can cause hair and scalp problems. But, they clean without stripping the hair. The difference between a salon grade shampoo and an over-the-counter shampoo is salon grade shampoos container higher amounts of the ingredients your hair needs. Many over-the-counter shampoos add tiny amounts of herbs and other nutrients and boast about how they are good for your hair. Also over-the-counter shampoos typically use cleansers that are harsher for your hair and scalp. Our shampoos use mild cleansers, derived from coconut oil. They are commonly used in baby shampoos and are extremely compatible with sensitive scalps.

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