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You like us. You really like us!

The only reason to be in business is to service a customer. We are grateful for the kind things our customers are saying about us. If you're a little skeptical about doing business with an unfamiliar site, let us put your mind at ease. We have been in business since April of 2002.  As we write this in 2014, we have serviced coming up on 100,000 orders and have about 40,000 regular customers. Our business continues to expand as customers come back and refer their family and friend to us.  We are growing almost exclusively via word-of-mouth based on our high quality products and high standards for customer service. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and BizRate and have great ratings with both (you can see for yourself by clicking their logos on any page on our website. Our products receive rave reviews from everyone who tries them. Give us a try. You will be glad you did.

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Following are just a few of the comments from our customers:

My locks and my skin look very healthy in the Las Vegas desert weather since I have been your hair oils and HumiNature skin line and the Sahara Clay mask. I am so pleased that I found your web site. Please don't ever go out of business. Thanks

Darlene L.- Las Vegas, NV

Ace number one online shopping for Black hair care products!!! I've spent well over two hundred dollars in the past and will continue to shop with them as long as they continue to offer great products at great prices.

Lorenzo S.- Fort Meade, MD

I just wanted to let you know that we tried your products on our hair, and they are fabulous!  We looked for natural hair products for at least 8 months, before finding your website.  I found that all of the petrol and chemical based shampoos at retail outlets were ruining my hair.

P. West-

Extremely impressed with the speedy delivery. The products and ingredients put into your products are of high quality. Your prices are very competitive and I will be ordering from Treasured Locks in the future.

Stephanie W.- Portland, OR

I have been very pleased with I have discovered some great products that have become favorites. The fact that they ship to APOs is a plus and i have received all of my orders quickly, which is saying a lot being that I am currently deployed to Iraq. I am a firm believer in the saying you get what you pay for so I don't mind paying a little more for quality products. This site also has some great products that I like to give as gifts to the men in my life. Family and friends alike.

Jaime D.- Iraq

I received my recent order! And I will definitely order from you again.  I will no longer buy my products from the stores. You have everything I need for my hair and skin care needs. I have referred several of my friends to Treasured Locks. I have fallen in love with you, and my hair. Thanks for having the real stuff!!!

I would definitely shop there again and again.  Products are excellent quality for the price.  I would, and have recommended it too several co-workers and friends.  I was not let down. The shopping experience was very good, and for trying new products they are number one!

Jerald G.- Houston, TX

I found this merchant to be an excellent site . The hair products are great, products I would never find in a brick and mortar store. Web site was easily shoppable and the prices and service was excellent.

Karen C.- Hazel Crest, IL

I've recently tried your Natural-Laxer product and after 2 applications I've noticed a difference in the manageability of my hair. I also belong to a natural black hair listserve and several of my natural colleagues are awaiting my entries to see if it really works. We are all very proud of our natural hair and very skeptical about things that might otherwise claim to
"straighten" natural hair "naturally".

To my delight I believe I've found a product that actually helps without damaging my hair!  I am a 4a hair type, and in layman's terms its the tightest afro-kinky curl pattern recognized in curly hair patterns. After the first application, and without pressing it, I noticed my 3 inch long natural hair began to form little ringlets! I thought nothing of it at first. I wear head wraps and there's the section on hair where I twist that stretches a small portion of my hair. That part of my hair has a looser curl. After the Baka application, my entire head had the feel. I cornrowed my hair for a week, conditioned it well, and took it out. I washed my hair (conditioner wash) and even more ringlets formed. These ringlets stand straight up on my head:)

After the second application, I noticed I could run my fingers through my wet hair without resistance. I'm cautious about pressing my hair because I recently had to cut off and "over press" which permanently straightened 5 years of length of my natural hair. I am excited about seeing how my 3rd treatment will affect my hair and I am looking into trying the Natural-Laxer plus.

I'm so excited about the results that I have no problem sharing my experience with other proud natural sisters! It's just as natural as the essential oils, aloe gel, and almond oils we use to moisturizer our hair.  Its made a huge difference in the manageability of my hair. Thanx Baka!

La'Toya, Washington,D.C.

Tywana, I just want to congratulate you on your growing success. I thank you for your impeccable customer service and for your unwavering commitment to carrying the highest quality products under the sun!
Gail W.- Sunnyvale, CA

I have purchased your East African Shea Butter and with extremely dry cracked heels I was my wits end.  Your Shea Butter has completely solved the problem I then purchased your foot care and I could not possibly be happier!  Your Shea Butter spreads and really "A little goes a long way".

Your Shea Butter Shampoo and Leave In Conditioner is great especially with my very dry, flaky White hair.  In addition I have purchased the HumiNature for my skin and again I will not use anything else.

Ordering (on-line) is very easy and delivery is exceptionally fast.

Thanks for everything!

Adrienne P

Dear Tywana,

I can't tell you how happy I am to have found your company!  I was able to find a product that I thought was no longer in production.
Your service, product offerings and consideration are sorely lacking in the retail business today thus I am pleased to have found your company.  Thank you for the upgrade in shipping (on my first of many orders) and for the wonderful pen.  I use it every day!
Everyone I know will know about your company, rest assured.  Thank you again and please use this letter on your site with my first name only please.
May God bless you and yours,

I wanted to take a few moments to comment on the service and products I've purchased through Treasured Locks.  Out of all the orders I've placed online, I've received every one of them in a fast timely manner.  In fact, they came just at the exact time when my supply was about to end!  Thank you for great shipping service!
Secondly, the products purchased have superseded my expectations as now my skin has a younger and radiant quality to it.  I am well pleased with the shea butter products that I've purchased as they are precisely what my skin needs.
Thank you Treasured Locks for making it easier to shop online as I live in Arizona and cannot get to your physical location.
Sincerely Yours,
Dawn Johnson- Arizona

One of the main reasons why I shop online with you for my hair products,is because not only do they promote they are natural, the ingredient list tells exactly what is in them. When you are a "savvy" cust as myself, and want to only use truly natural products, its very discouraging to order something online touted as "all natural" , only to receive it and find it full of chemicals and mineral oil.By you displaying the ingredients lists, it shows me you stand by the integrity of your product, and understand that your customers and not going to be seduced by fancy marketing. They know about the "good stuff" and use their "heads" when choosing hair and skin products. Also you ship time is great!! I can tell from when I place my order, from when I receive it, it is most likely shipped that same day or the next. I am very pleased with the overall variety of lines, being truly all natural, and I have stopped shopping for hair care products in salons and Health Food Stores, because even though they may be "natural" they are not suited for my "textured" hair needs. Please keep up the good work!!!-

The products that I ordered are quality products. I was very pleased with the amount of information about the products including the ingredients listed to help me make an informed decision. I contacted customer service with additional questions and they were extremely helpful and friendly. The products arrived earlier than I expected. They are a quality company all around.
Sheila V.

I purchased lotions and soaps from this merchant. The products are EXCELLENT and the ordering / delivery process was OUTSTANDING!! Will definitely order again real soon.
D.Oates - Waldorf, MD

It was a wonderful experience to shop with Treasured Locks. They have great customer service; the best that I have ever encountered. They make you feel like family and really care about the products they sell. I recommend this merchant wholeheartedly.
George G.

It is an absolute pleasure to do business with TreasuredLocks.Com. Shipping and delivery time is outstanding! I will continue to do business with this merchant in the future.

Thanks TreasuredLocks! Finally, a merchant that you can depend upon for excellent service for black hair care products!

Valerie T.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I received the parcel 2 days ago. I must remind you that I am living in France and on February , the 20th, my parcel came bake to you and you suggested to ship it again. The shipping was very fast and I really thank you for the effort you have made. Your items are of very good quality and I can say the same about customer service.
Best regards,
F Saffache- France

It was a pleasure shopping at The website was thorough and very easy to navigate. Besides providing wonderful products, that they personally have used and recommend, they provide information on taking care of your hair. The shipping of my order has always been efficient and even arrived before they said it would! I am an online shopper because my schedule is really hectic and this is the most convenient way for me to shop; I have shopped at major department and chain stores online and I can truly say that my experience at TreasuredLocks have surpassed my previous online shopping experiences. They are extremely professional and I am very happy that I can get products I need while supporting a black owned business. I am a proud customer and recommend this site to all my friends!
Safiya A.

I love the East African shea butter! I will never use anything else on my skin again...I have found the most perfect shea butter in the world. It just melts into your skin like butter. Its so creamy and it leaves my skin soft as silk. I also like the fact that this is an African-American business. I love supporting business by my sisters! As long as Treasured Locks stays in business I will support them! Peace and Love always! You have a wonderful product and I will continue to try out more products from you!
Kimberly R. Sumter,S

I have been an online customer with you guys for a few months now, and I just wanted to tell you briefly how truly WONDERFUL you guys are.  Everything is reasonably priced, you bring to the public truly effective products that no one else carries, and I am especially impressed with all of the heart-felt touches that your business sends out (such as Christmas cards by email and informative but not at all invasive newsletters).  I appreciate your business, and wish you guys all the luck to continue your growth.  Congrats on your new store in Ohio!
Kiara B.- Georgetown University

I am a new user and stumbled on your site looking for soap free facial products.  I ordered the HumiNature for dry/normal skin and am pleased so far, but I am holding out a little until have used products longer and will know how it truly affects my skin.  But since that time I have ordered black soap body wash which I am very pleased with, and the lotions, I am not used to the thickness of the lotions and it takes a little getting used to not using so much. Don't get me wrong, this is definitely a good thing.   I am also planning to subscribe to the magazine Naturally Yours.   I will definitely  be spreading the word about Treasured Locks.
Sallie J.

I just tried out the Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Body Wash and Nubian Heritage Shea Butter Oats & Aloe Lotion.  All I can say is, OH MY GOD! All my life I would product-hop, trying a new product every time an old one ran out. Now I don't want anything but Nubian Heritage! Where have these products been all my life?! The body wash left my skin feeling thoroughly clean, yet smoother and softer than any other soap I've ever used. It also had a very nice lather. The body lotion was rich and creamy, and absorbed quickly, leaving my skin totally moisturized but not greasy. The scent is absolutely heavenly--I can't stop sniffing my arms, and asking my family members to smell me too! I will absolutely order these and other products from you again. Thanks, Treasured Locks, for providing Black people with quality, reliable products at reasonable prices. Thank you, thank you, thank you
Jade H.

I received my shipment of sample size bottles today (thank you for the priority mail upgrade) and went to work shampooing and conditioning my daughter's hair.  I am so thrilled with everything I purchased it's hard to put in to words.  I have searched and researched online, with hairdressers and by asking friends about products for virgin hair.  This is the first time that I've gotten such excellent results with just a sample size bottle!  The shampoo was rich and thoroughly cleaned her hair from root to ends.  I followed with the detangling conditioner and the hair and scalp elixir.  There was practically no hair left in the comb and the  combination of the two products made it incredibly easy to comb out my daughter's hair.  She even made a comment about how it didn't hurt to comb the way it had in the past.  Usually I have to keep a plastic cap on the sections of hair I was not working on so that I'd be able to work with it.  This time, she didn't wear a cap and even though her hair had dried it was still tangle free and easy to work the comb through.  Now that I've found out about your products, I won't use anything else.  Thank you!!
Tanya  B.

I have been shopping with Treasured Locks for about a year now, and I am a very satisfied customer, Being a retired beautician myself I came say with knowledge and experience that their products and customer rates highly excellent, and I now have many of my friends using the products to. I think what I like the most is the products are truly natural and you see the good effect it has on the hair and skin right away, and to top it off the products look good and smell great.And anyone who has a problem with use of synthetic products try the organic products. Treasured Locks I wish you a long and successful life.
Rebecca S.

On a scale of 1-10, I give a 15. I was impressed with their superior level of customer service.   My order was processed and shipped in a timely manner. ...   I want to give you many kudos for your personal touch of customer service and congratulate you on your recent award.  I wish you much success in your future growth as a company.  I will recommend your products to all of my friends and family.

Thank you,

Renee' C.- Newark, DE

P.S.  Does the Shea Butter Lotion come in a bigger bottle?

I was really pleased with TreasuredLocks.Com.  They provided me with an important product, Better Braids Shampoo, that I could not find on any other site.  Also, the product arrived within a week of purchase and on my invoice was a note from an employee who thanked me for my business with them.  TreasuredLocks.Com is a wonderful store and I suggest it to anyone who has any needs for locks, braids, or twists.
Jennifer B.- Johnsonville, SC

Dear Ms. Smith
I want to take this time to thank you for the timely manner in which you mailed  my order. The products were  wonderful.   I will be a committed customer forever!!!
Lovoris P.- Converse, TX (via e-mail)

The customer service was great and the ship time was very fast. I truly enjoy their products and the free gifts!! Your company is truly an asset to the African American community.  Keep up the good work!
Laney C.- Cleveland, OH

The people at Treasured Locks were very helpful. I received the product before the date in which they told me it would be here. Great service! Great Product! I will be using them again.
Johnna K.- San Jacinto, CA

really impressed with speed of delivery
Winsome  M.- London, England

Fast, friendly service!
Davina S.- Osaka, Japan

TreasuredLocks.Com has exceptional customer service skills!!  I highly recommend them.
Olivia H.- San Diego, CA

i really was surprised that i received my products in such a timely fashion...............i will be ordering again and spreading the word, i love the products.................smell hair looks a lot more healthier..........thank god bless...............
Cherlie D.-  Pompano Beach, FL

I've been using the shea butter products for 3 years now and I love it. Most 'shea butter' products contain only 10-15% pure shea butter. I highly recommend them and they are prompt with shipping out your order! 5 Stars *****
LD P., Northridge, CA

If you've ever visited or lived in New York city you know how messed up the mail can be at times. When I realized I had not received my products within the time I was supposed to, I sent an email via the Treasured Locks website and my call was returned the same day; mind you it was on a Sunday! That type of customer service is to be commended. With further investigation I found my products to be held at my local Post office, by no fault of the Treasured locks organization. I sincerely appreciated them making me feel like my matter was important, as I am sure they had thousands of other things they could have been doing that faithful Sunday. Because of this, I look forward to doing business with Treasured Locks in the future. I know I am not supposed to put this here, but I LOVE your products...thanks bunches Brian. Peace& Blessings
Jason M.- New York City

They even called me to make suggestions for my daughter's hair.
Jonathan  C.- Auburn, MA

I felt that the online service was very easy and accurate when placing my order. I appreciated the e-mails regarding my order. I would definitely order again from Yahoo shopping.
Robert F.- Piscataway, NJ

They even upgraded my shipping for free.  Thanks!
John Claude P.- St. Petersburg, FL

Rating:  Excellent
Comments:  The service was great! I received my order very quickly. It was my first time using the Shea Butter products and the products are excellent. The products provide moisture without leaving an oily feeling. I highly recommend this company and the products.
Tasha P.- West Chester, OH

Rating: Excellent
Comments: Well, I have been looking for some chemical-free hair and skincare products for quite some time.  I was especially looking for those products which were made by African American or African companies.  The Treasured Locks website was thorough in terms of its product lines.  It also had quite a bit of useful tips which were sorely needed.
Darryl R.- Chicago, IL

EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! There are no other words to describe Treasured Locks. You guys are the best and my skin is showing vast improvement from the products you sent me. I WILL continue to do business with you!
Shannon T.- Gardena, CA

I rarely say that I love a business and/or their products. I love Treasured Locks and their products! I am bi-racial and have struggled with my hair all my life. I have visited so many salons, and they just never seem to know what to do. Reading through the info on your site and applying it to my own locks, I found that my hair was softer and more manageable even BEFORE I purchased anything! After I began using your products, it only got better. My hair is less tangled, stronger, and naturally glossy the way I always hoped it would be. Gone are the relaxers, the heavy oils, and the cakey conditioners. It has boosted my self esteem, and given me hope for the future of my hair! Thank you so very much!
Kisha W. - Portland, OR