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Zents Attar (Oil Concentrate)

This product is discontinued.
Same great Zents fragrances in a super-concentrated, alcohol free formula. Great to throw in your pocket or purse to freshen up whenever and wherever.
Zents' Attar Oil Concentrate is an alcohol-free, roll on formula. The same fantastic fragrances that you're used to from Zents now packaged in a tube that you can easily slip into your purse or even a pocket. The super high concentrated formula is long-lasting and easy to use anywhere. The compact tube slips easily into any purse or pocket, making it perfect for use to freshen up while out on the town and is easy to take long on a trip.

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Clean & Classic- Unisex
Water Contemporary & Aquatic-Unisex
Fresh Simple, Delicate, Feminine-extremely light
Pear Gentle, Floral,Fruity- Feminine
Ore Deeply Spicy & Alluring-Unisex to Masculine
Mandarin Sparkling citrus with provocative spicy depth- Unisex
Fig Sultry & Seductive- Unisex to Masculine
Petal Uplifting & Innocent-Feminine
Oolong Evocative & Calming- Unisex

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