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Zents Oolong Body Spray (Eau de Toilette)

This product is discontinued.
Zents Oolong Eau de Toilette contains fragrances of Lime Blossom, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain. Now in larger sophisticated frosted glass spray bottle with a stone base.
Sophisticated. Rejuvenating.  In the tradition of generations before, the tea ceremony begins. A moment of thoughtful meditation envelops the room. Simple calligraphy on rice paper hangs above a vase of white orchids. Streams of sunlight warm the room as the scent of crisp citrus flowers and rich oolong tea leaves brewing fills the air. The light sophistication of the tea, the delicate silence, and the timelessness of the moment refreshes and awakens you. Immerse your senses and soul in Zents Oolong Eau de Toileette.

Contains fragrances of Lime Blossom, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain.

Versatile, aromatherapeutic and made to work together. As a fragrance,they are unisex, complex and classically designed. Zents' sprays are also great as environmental scents- ideal for a spa treatment room,home, office, or vehicle.

Zents features highly fragrant, but subtle perfumes that are perfect even for those with scent sensitivities.   Using fragrance and essential oils, Zents has created wonderful scents that you can customize by combining yourself or wear each alone. Zents uses 60-120 fragrances and essential oils in creating their blends.  As scent is the most intense sense when it comes to provoking memories, Zents scents will become a part of your life.  Why smell like everyone else when you can wear something not worn by the masses?  Better yet, combine Zents scents to create your own blend.  Create Your Own Signature Couture Fragrance

Zents scents have made their way to be the finest salons and spas in the world and have been discovered by celebrities as well.

Want to sample Zents before you buy?  Order a Zents Sample Collection

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