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Zents Scents Descriptions

Zents fragrances are curiously complex, wonderfully unique and yet subtle and gentle.   Each is blended with 60-120 different scents that which each be activated differently by your unique body chemistry.  Now you can truly have your own signature fragrance by wearing Zents fragrances alone or in combination with each other.  See the chart below for descriptions of each fragrance.  To order a Zents Sample Collection, visit this link.

Fragrance Selections:

Warm & Sensuous- Feminine
Clean & Classic- Unisex
Water Contemporary & Aquatic- Unisex
Fresh Simple, Delicate, Feminine- extremely light
Pear Gentle, Floral, Fruity- Feminine
Ore Deeply Spicy & Alluring- Unisex to Masculine
Mandarin Sparkling citrus with provocative spicy depth- Unisex
Fig Sultry & Seductive- Unisex to Masculine
Petal Uplifting & Innocent- Feminine
Oolong Evocative & Calming- Unisex

Layer your favorite scents and products.  Zents are exquisite along and decadent combined. Blend to suit your mood.  Try these blends or create your own.
Oolong, Earth, Fresh
Mandarin, Water, Pear
Earth, Oolong, Water
Ore, Mandarin, Earth
Ore, Water, Mandarin
Pear, Water, Oolong
Mandarin, Sun, Pear
Petal, Water, Sun
Pear, Petal, Ore
Fig, Fresh