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Zents Scents
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Zents Scents

What's so different about Zents?
Zents set out to create a unique fusion of therapeutic body care and sophisticated fragrance. Other companies offer one or the other.  Zents wants their products to have it body care and designer scents! Zents has gained the attention of the most elite boutiques and spas throughout the country, and their products have found their way into the hands of the world's hottest celebrities.

Zents was founded by three individuals who each bring a unique perspective to the company.  Michelle worked for one of the top skin care lines in the world.  From Michelle, Zents, products are designed to have therapeutic results- not just smell nice.  Cord came from the fashion industry and discovered how therapeutic aromas can be after an accident left him in a state where aromatherapy proved to be very useful.  John is a top-notch artist and has designed the look and feel of the Zents packaging.  Each Zents product is hand-crafted- down the soap-stone container of the Concreta.

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Spa Quality- Therapeutic
Create Your Own Signature Couture Fragrance
Liquid Memories

Zents Scents
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As great as Zents scents are, you've got to try them to believe them.  Try the Sample Collection with Zents' unique and refreshing scents for a nominal fee.