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Avoid These 7 Common Curly Hair Mishaps

Posted by Kristin Herman on Jan 11th 2021

Avoid These 7 Common Curly Hair Mishaps Love your curls? Have you ever wanted to care for your curls, but don’t know how you do so without doing worse damage to it? While it’s impossible to kee … read more

10 Things To Consider Before Storing Your Skincare In The Fridge

Posted by Wendy Dessler on Nov 16th 2020

Not All Fridges Or Cosmetic Products Are The Same Chilling skincare products in a fridge represents a common, necessary practice for a lot of reasons. article explores different refrigerators a … read more

Covid-19 and Hair Loss

Posted by Brian D Smith on Nov 13th 2020

The Coronavirus and Hair Loss The novel coronavirus causes Covid-19, and Covid-19 is producing immeasurable losses for too many of us. Loss of income, loss of security, and loss of freedom ar … read more

How To Make Your Curls Look Awesome In Every Photo

Posted by Wendy Dessler on Aug 28th 2020

How to Make Your Curls Look Awesome on Each Photo You know what it’s like, some days your curls play ball and have the perfect bounce and shine. Other times, your hair just refuses to cooperate, and … read more

The Beginner's Guide for Buying & Wearing Hair Wigs

Posted by Wendy Dessler on May 19th 2020

The wig is no longer the treacherous accessory women of ages ago used to shun.Going by industry projections which showed a 4.1% revenue increase in the wigs and hair accessories industry, closin … read more