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Posted by Wendy Dessler on May 19th 2020

The Beginner's Guide for Buying & Wearing Hair Wigs

The wig is no longer the treacherous accessory women of ages ago used to shun.Going by industry projections which showed a 4.1% revenue increase in the wigs and hair accessories industry, closin … Read more
3 Ways Stress Impacts Your Hair Health

Posted by Brian D Smith on Mar 12th 2020

3 Ways Stress Impacts Your Hair Health

Hair health is dependent on several factors. Your hair maintenance routine is an obvious one. But, did you know things like nutrition and even your stress levels can impact the appearance of your hair … Read more

Posted by Brian D Smith on Feb 28th 2020

Keto Diet and Hair Loss

The Ketogenic Diet and Hair LossHow to Avoid Prevent or Reverse Hair Loss While DietingThe ketogenic diet, otherwise known as the keto diet, is all the rage. Millions of people have shed millions of p … Read more

Posted by Brian D Smith on Feb 13th 2020

Roots Salon Professional and Treasured Locks

I'm excited to announce the partnership between Treasured Locks and Roots Salon Professional. Roots Salon Professional is a line of hair loss products that are simply the most effective produc … Read more

Posted by Tywana M. Smith on Jan 14th 2020

An Exciting New Website for Natural Black Hair

Hey, I want to introduce you all to a new website that is a bit different from what I have seen before in the natural hair web-world.You're familiar with Wikipedia. This new website called naturalhair … Read more