G-Wrap Nylon Head Scarf


G-Wrap Nylon Head Scarf

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How do you wrap your hair in a scarf at night? Easy! Use the G-Wrap Nylon Head Scarf. This patented* hair wrap design keeps your do fresh and secure so you'll look great in the morning.  The G-Wrap is made of the highest quality of luxurious stretch nylon fabric and is perfect for wrapping your hair while sleeping.  The G-Wrap's design keeps it secured to your head. Whether you wear your hair natural, relaxed or curled. The G-Wrap's unique original design is beautiful as well as functional.

The G-Wrap's unique design minimizes hairline breakage, thinning and baldness along the hairline and temples.  This problem is called traction alopecia and can be quite serious and cause permanent hair loss.  Unlike most hair wraps or scarves that usually slide around and rub on the hairline causing friction and subsequent hairline breakage, the G-Wrap  forehead bands sit below the hairline. (When using the G-Wrap be sure to keep the forehead band on your forehead and away from the fragile hairline).  It stays on the forehead all night, so there is no friction on the hairline.  It is not necessary to tie the G-Wrap very tight, just snug enough for the band to remain on the forehead. You will get a good night sleep because you hardly know it's there.

 G-Wrap is a great value. It is designed to last a very long time. Quality  control goes into every hair wrap, from highest quality, lightweight soft, breathable 100% nylon fabric to the attractive nylon with lycra stretch lace. Each of our  hair wrap must meet strict quality manufacturing standards.  It is machine washable and dryers safe.  But to provide special care for your G-Wrap, just hand wash it like you would your fine lingerie.

  • Won't shift or fall off
  • Decreases hair breakage
  • Reduces loss of natural oils
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Give smooth, manageable hair
  • 100% Nylon with Lycra stretch band
  • Reduces daily use of hot irons allowing hair to grow
  • Stretch lace band is fashionable and keeps the wrap secure

* Patent# D610,782 S
Crafted with a 100% Nylon body with a Lycra Stretch Band
  • When applying scarf be sure to place stretch lace forehead band at mid-forehead (or slightly above the eyebrows).
  • Crisscrossing ties in the back is ideal to protect hairs at the nape of the neck.
  • If fabric slips and ties tend to slide back, try tying the ties at back of neck first before bringing across front.
  • To reduce hair breakage at nape don't tie on bare skin at neck, but bring ties upward slightly so that the bottom of the scarf is under the ties before typing at neck. This will also reduce excess fabric in the scarf if it is too big.
  • Apply scarf snuggly. But, do not over tighten