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G-Wrap Satin Hair Wrap with Matching Stretch Lace


G-Wrap Satin Hair Wrap with Matching Stretch Lace

Cocoa Brown
Pretty Pink
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  • Made in USA
  • Natural
  • Paraben Free
  • SLS Free


Description Here by popular demand, we are proud to introduce the innovative G-wrap in smooth satin. The G-wrap is now availble in silky,lightweight charmuese satin. 100% polyester fabric with patented Lycra stretch lace front forehead band keeps wrap from sliding off during sleep. The G-wrap features a generous bonnet so you can fit a lot of hair into it without squishing your locks. Tie at nape of neck or bring to front.
Ingredients 100% charmuese polyester
  • When applying scarf be sure to place stretch lace forehead band at mid-forehead (or slightly above the eyebrows).
  • Crisscrossing ties in the back is ideal to protect hairs at the nape of the neck.
  • If fabric slips and ties tend to slide back, try tying the ties at back of neck first before bringing across front.
  • To reduce hair breakage at nape don't tie on bare skin at neck, but bring ties upward slightly so that the bottom of the scarf is under the ties before typing at neck. This will also reduce excess fabric in the scarf if it is too big.
  • Apply scarf snuggly. But, do not over tighten