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  • Spectral DNC-N

    DS Laboratories

    Spectral DNC-N

    Spectral DNC-N is the first hair loss treatment with NanoxidilTM 5%.  Spectral DNC-N is easy to use, safe and effective and has been clinically shown to regrow hair.  Spectral DNC-N is intended for people with light to moderate hair loss, ...

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    Spectral DNC-S

    DS Laboratories

    Spectral DNC-S

    Description Spectral.DNC-S is the most advanced over-the-counter treatment you can buy for advanced hair loss.   If you are experience moderate to severe hair loss, Spectral.DNC-S was formulated to help with just that.  Spectral.DNC-S is not...

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  • Spectral.RS Hair Loss Treatment

    DS Laboratories

    Spectral.RS Hair Loss Treatment

    WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY SELLING SPECTRAL.RS. WE SUGGEST CHECKING OUT CARE from the Root Salon Professional line-    Spectral.RS® is an advanced hair regrowth treatment that increases hair growth and prevents hair loss without the use of...