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    Knot Genie Detangler in Puff of Purple

    Knot Genie

    Knot Genie Detangling Brush

    Description The Knot GenieTM is an innovative comb/brush designed to easily and gently detangle hair and even remove knots.  The unique pattern of uneven, flexible plastic bristles removes knots without breaking hair or excessive pulling.  The...

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    Treasured Locks Brand Beauty Products

    Natural Hair Styling Guide DVD

    Description If only we had a nickel for every time someone has asked us how to style natural hair. Finally, someone has produced a DVD with detailed instructions on how exactly to get some of those styles you've seen and wondered "How doe she do...

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  • Baka Beauty

    Natural-Colors Henna Hair Color for Gray Coverage

    Description If you've ever tried to cover gray hair with a natural hair coloring product, you know how difficult that can be.  But, finding a safe, effective product you can feel comfortable using at home without damaging your hair has also been...

  • Baka Beauty

    Natural-Laxer Herbal Hair Oil

    Natural-Laxer Hair Oil has been completely reformulated to be even better for your hair. The new formula contains more than 50% Argan Oil, directly imported from the source in North Africa. It also contains advocado oil, almond oil, and a sprinkling of...

  • Baka Beauty

    Natural-Laxer MIX

    Baka Beauty Products International has brought an all natural herbal relaxer and hair treatment to the Western World. Before you order, please read what this "relaxer" is and what it is not. We believe natural relaxers have gotten a bad rap for two...

  • Baka Beauty

    Natural-Laxer Silk Protein Conditioner

    Natural-Laxer's Silk Protein Conditioner penetrates and deep conditions in sixty seconds with 19 amino acids and vitamins essential to healthy hair. Botanicals strengthen and revitalize the hair shaft. Instant conditioning releases exceptional...

  • NuBone II

    Nubone II Handcrafted Detangler Comb

    Description NuBone II combs are the best combs for African-American hair. Made of hard, durable organic resins, they are hard as bone. Hand finished there are no jagged edges like quick molded plastic combs have to snag hair and cause breakage. With wide...

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  • NuBone II

    Nubone II Master Pro Rake Tail Comb

    Description The NuBone II Master Pro Rake Tail Comb is the ultimate comb for African-American hair styling. At 11.5" long, this comb is large to give you a lot of leverage for working with your hair. The teeth are long and widely spaced to take on the...

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  • NuBone II

    Nubone II Superfine Tail Comb

    Description NuBone II combs are the best combs for African-American hair. The NuBone II Superfine Tail Comb is made of hard, durable organic resins. Mimicking old fashioned combs made from bone, these combs are smooth and rigid. They are hand finished so...

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  • DS Laboratories

    Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

    Description Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo is the most efficient hair growth stimulating shampoo available in the market. Revita is specially formulated to reverse the problems that cause hair loss and retard hair growth. Revita is the final...

  • Baka Beauty

    Sahara Clay

    Baka Beauty's Sahara Clay is an Original, 100% natural, clay hair treatment and facial mask. This 15 minute treatment can add years of life to your hair. It is an excellent deep cleansing treatment for locks. Sahara Clay can be used to deep cleanse hair...

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    Simply Smooth Travel Pack

    Just in time for the spring/summer travel season, Simply Smooth has provided us with this limited time offer on travel size bottles of your favorite products.  You can take a pocket knife on a plane, but you still can't pack your full size bottle of...

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  • DS Laboratories

    Spectral DNC-N

    Spectral DNC-N is the first hair loss treatment with NanoxidilTM 5%.  Spectral DNC-N is easy to use, safe and effective and has been clinically shown to regrow hair.  Spectral DNC-N is intended for people with light to moderate hair loss, ...

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    DS Laboratories

    Spectral DNC-S

    Description Spectral.DNC-S is the most advanced over-the-counter treatment you can buy for advanced hair loss.   If you are experience moderate to severe hair loss, Spectral.DNC-S was formulated to help with just that.  Spectral.DNC-S is not...

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  • DS Laboratories

    Spectral.RS Hair Loss Treatment

    WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY SELLING SPECTRAL.RS. WE SUGGEST CHECKING OUT CARE from the Root Salon Professional line-    Spectral.RS® is an advanced hair regrowth treatment that increases hair growth and prevents hair loss without the use of...

  • Treasured Locks SuperNatural Curl Tamer Herbal Hair Mask

    Treasured Locks Brand Beauty Products

    SuperNatural Curl Tamer Herbal Hair Mask

    Are you tired of frizzy, out-of-control curls? Then the SuperNatural Curl Tamer Herbal Hair Mask from Treasured Locks is just the product for you! Made with 100-percent natural, herb-based ingredients. Encourages growth and improves strength...

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    Treasured Locks Brand Beauty Products

    Treasured Locks African Argan Oil Elixir

    Treasured Locks is happy to present our African Argan Oil Elixir to help improve the strength and elasticity of your hair. Argan oil is naturally beneficial for both hair and skin, which is why it has been used by the berber women for centuries. Argan...

    $19.99 $25.00
  • Treasured Locks Gray Away Natural Henna Hair Color

    Treasured Locks Brand Beauty Products

    Treasured Locks Gray Away Enhanced Henna

    Eliminate gray hair without the use of strong chemicals with Treasured Locks Gray Away Enhanced Henna! Made with all-natural henna. Contains enough dye to cover stubborn gray hair. Safe and effective for easy dyeing at home. This dye is pesticide-,...

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    Treasured Locks Brand Beauty Products

    Treasured Locks H2G Awaken Emu Oil Conditioner

    The best hair growth conditioner you can buy just got better. Months in the making, Treasured Locks is finally ready to unveil the reformulation of our most popular H2G Hair Growth Conditioner with Emu oil. You wanted paraben and sulfate-free hair...

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