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How Does Hair Conditioner Work?

We know that conditioning your hair may seem like an unnecessary step. But, conditioning is not something you should overlook. Conditioning is especially important for textured hair.

Our conditioners are pH balanced to compact the outside layer of the hair, called the cuticle. In afro-textured hair, the cuticle often doesn't lay flat resulting in hair that doesn't reflect light well and can appear dull. Flattening the cuticle results in shinier hair. Conditioning the hair also improves its elasticity. The ability for your hair to stretch is very important. The kinkier/curlier your hair, the more important it is because your hair will be pulled as you comb it out and style it. If the hair cannot stretch, when it's pulled, it will actually snap (break). Proper conditioning leaves a slight, smooth semi-waxy coating on the hair. This coating acts as kind of sheath, smoothing over rough surfaces that can catch on each other causing tangling. The slightly waxy coating on the hair in addition to making it look shinier and preventing tangles helps to seal moisture into the hair shaft.

Now you know, conditioning your hair is a few minutes and a few cents investment that will lead to healthier, shinier, longer hair. Make sure you condition your hair each and every time you shampoo.