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HumiNature AvoJoba Natural Face Moisturizing Creme

$15.00 $9.99
Description Our all natural HumiNature AvoJoba Face Moisturizing Crème is perfect for dry to combination skin types. Made with the finest natural Jojoba, our crème restores a proper balance to skin. Technically, Jojoba is not an oil but a wax. Because it is the closest thing in nature to the body’s own natural sebum, Jojoba removes excess oil from oily skin and provides additional oil to dry skin. This allows Jojoba to restore restoring the skin’s optimum oil balance to skin that is either too dry or too oily. Avocado oil is well known as an anti-aging oil.
Ingredients Water, Coconut, Jojoba, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Emulsifying Wax NF, Kosher Vegetable, Glycerin Palm Stearic Acid, Citric Acid, Aloe Leaf Juice, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin C, Neem, Black Willow Bark, Sodium Hydroxymethyglycinate
Instructions For most skin types, wash face in the morning and before retiring. Oily skin types can wash up to three times per day (once in the afternoon or evening), but no more.

  • Step 1 Cleanse Face
    • Wet face with warm water
    • Apply a little cleanser to the palm of your hands or to a soft cotton washcloth
    • Using fingertips or washcloth, gently wash face using circular motions
    • Wash for approximately 30 seconds for dry skin, 60 seconds for normal skin and 90 seconds for oily skin
    • Rinse well with tepid (not hot, not cold) water
    • Pat (do not rub) face dry with a clean towel

  • Step 2 Tone with a HumiNature Toner

  • Step 3 Moisturize with a HumiNature Moisturizer

  • Step 4
    • Dry or Mature Skin- Nightly, apply a super moisturizing treatment like HumiNature Age-Defying Serum or HumiNature East African Shea Butter
    • Special treat- one to three times per week apply a facial masque to deep clean, reduce blemishes and give your face a fresh start

By Tara
Dallas, TX
Smooth like butter
February 27, 2016
I love how it feels when I apply it to my skin. My face isn't oily after running around all day. It's definitely a keeper!
By K. Hobbs
Upper Marlboro, MD
An Excellent Moisturizer
February 3, 2016
This moisturizer is very very good. I put a dab on in the morning, and it absorbs well into the skin, leaving it soft all day.
By Lisette
Christiansted, VI
Made skin oily
November 2, 2015
I liked the smell and the consistency of the product, however I have normal skin and this made my skin produce more oil than it usually does.
By alice
hagerstown, MD
Love this product
August 21, 2012
It makes my face moisturizing throughout the day. And smooth and soft as well.
By Lesh09
Charlotte, NC
Great Product
May 11, 2012
I hate having to shell out $16 when you include the S&H, but this is by far the best facial moisturizer ever. I have eczema, and just about everything else triggers a breakout. I have tried many products that are specifically for sensitive skin and they either have me looking like I just woke up out of a casket, have a breakout, or have my face looking sweaty because the product melts when it's sunny out. This moisturizer makes your skin feel really soft and look really fresh. You don't have to use a lot of the product when you do your facial regimen, so it last you a good while.
Merchant Response:Thanks for the review. We think $16 including shipping is very reasonable for a moisturizer of this caliber. And, as you pointed out, a little goes a long way. For most people, this container will last at least a couple of months. To save on shipping, buy three or more at a time. The shipping cost per bottle is far less. And, if you can buy other items and get your order total to over $80, we'll pay for ground shipping.
By Monica
New York
January 16, 2012
leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. Good for oily skin, doesnt leave a nasty build-up feel. Has a soft smell. I love it for my combination skin.
By Crystal
Elizabethtown, KY
perfect balance for skin ;-)
December 15, 2010
This product is perfect for my skin. At beginning of Winter I have a eczema breakout, otherwise my skin is normal. This did not make the eczema worse it actually works to keep moisture in which is a huge help when dealing with eczema.
By eugenia
long beach, ca
Great For My Combination Skin
April 23, 2010
Great product. I have combo skin so this 1 addresses all my issues. I also have acne & so this product does not irritate my skin...100% recommended!
By Kia
AvoJoba Creme is Lovely
February 1, 2010
This is the firs face creme that can use once a day and it keeps my face soft and moisturized all day. It is so gentle and that is a plus because I have sensitive skin.
Proslight weight and not oily
By Serenity
Simply Amazing
January 29, 2010
This creme is simply amazing. I use it every single day and it leaves my skin soft and supple without oversaturating it with greese or clogging my pores, I Love It.
By Ambur Fulse
A Better Alternative than Cocoa Butter...
January 28, 2010
I used to use Cocoa Butter to moisturize my face. I didn't mind the thickness in the winter because my skin is prone to dryness. However, in the summer months I found it unbearable to add such a heavy moisturizer to my face. During the spring and summer I would search for a product to moisturize my face without feeling like I'd added an extra layer of skin. This often led to using products whose ingredients promised to prevent breakouts but seemed to aggravate my bumps. The AvoJoba Moisturizing cream has worked miracles for my face. I can use it year round without dryness in the winter or greasiness during the summer. I believe it, along with a complete HumiNature facial regime has helped control and prevent blemishes.
ProsCan be used year-round. Will not make you sweat in the heat and will provide adequate moisture during dry winters. Only need a small amount of product with each use.
By carol
milton, FL
Review for HumiNature AvoJoba Natural Face Moisturizing Crème
January 10, 2010
texture great, skin feels soft, not tacky
By Abdul
beltsville, md
Best on the market
October 19, 2009
i've tried so many products from cvs, and none of the mosturizers did a thing. but when i discovered treasured locks. it save my life and my dry skin, by far this is and the only mosturizer that actually does what it says..MOSTURIZES YOUR SKIN WITHOUT THE OILY EFFECT. will buy this product for life
By Amber
Norfolk, VA
Review for
May 22, 2007
I have oily skin and I love this moisturizer. I've been told that people with oily skin shouldn't use creams on their face but I've found that this moisturizer controls the oil output in my skin better than the oil control/acne moisturizers found in most stores. It's not harsh or overdrying and best of all there are no harmful chemicals in this product which I feel damage combination/oily and or sensitive skin. I love all of the ingredients contained in this product, but my favorite ingredient in this moisturizer is the witch hazel. I feel it even tones the skin and clears acne marks better than cocoa butter. Thanks for saving my combination/oily skin. Amber
1 Question & 1 Answer
from Germantown, MD asked:
March 8, 2013
Is this product suitable to use with the HumiNature Oil Defense Face Cleanser and on combination skin? Also, is the cleanser mentioned above appropriate to use on combination skin?
Yes this moisturizing creme is fine to use with the Oil Defense Facial Cleanser and is also good for combination skin. The Oil Defense Facial Cleanser is good for combination skin also.
Treasured Locks Staff
on March 12, 2013