Natural and Transition Hair Styles For Black Women

One of the most difficult things about going transitioning from a perm to natural hair and about having natural hair is finding a good hair style or styles.  I've been through this myself and I feel your pain.

Black hair does not lend itself to "down" hairstyles (as my girls used to call it) and once the days of dog ears and pig tails are over, African-American women often struggle with how to wear their hair when it does not have chemicals on it. Adding to that, during the transitional phase you've got two completely different textures, assuming you don't do the "Big Chop".

Treasured Locks polled some of our subscribers to find their favorite natural or transitional hair styles. Thanks so much to those of you who replied to help out those who might be struggling with making the leap.  We've taken some of the best responses and offer them to you here.  

For more information on transitioning to natural hair and more styling ideas, visit our Natural Hair Transitioning Tips page.

This style is very easy! My hair is thick and naturally curly. So I wash it in the shower, towel dry and apply a good hair oil and conditioner. Then I finger comb to detangle and separate curls. Usually, that is the last step, and I let it air dry throughout the day. But as a variation, I sometimes do all of the above steps at night, then after finger combing, I pull my hair back into a ponytail. Then I wrap my head in a satin scarf (still a little wet). Tying into the ponytail overnight helps to stretch out curls a bit. In the morning, I still have the wild, curly look but the curls appear longer and fluffier as opposed to being so tightly wound. Hope this helps!!

Tasha S.- Laurel, MD

I like to wash my hair with a natural and soft shampoo. I use Natural-laxer to maintain a softer texture. I have never experiences severe dryness from the product because I add a moisturizing cream while it is still wet before I blow-dry my hair. For curls I twist my hair with the dry twist method with Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme.

Deanna D., Brooklyn, NY (click to see picture)

Audrey of Brooklyn, NY sent in a link to her website where she shows many different ways to wear long twists, braids or locks.

I've been wearing alot of braid out, cornrow outs, bantu outs, since deciding to transition. And I guess I've been doing a pretty good job because people already assume I'm fully natural.

Cerissa B., Vestavia, AL (click to see picture)

After I did the "big chop", I realized that wearing my natural hair was more about my attitude than anything else. This was something I was doing for myself- I wanted a healthier look. My suggestion, (after the chop), is to get a professional, permanent color. This will help loosen up those tighter curls. Also, if your hair is less than 2", try the "palm twist" method. My stylist used the technique on my hair and I get A LOT of compliments.

Erica W., Maryland Heights, MO (click to see picture)

My best transition style was to gel all my hair back in a high pony tail and then attach a phony pony particularly a crinkly or spiral curl one. This style lasts for a week and only requires that you tie it down with a scarf at night and spray a little oil on in the morning. I loved it becuase i didn't have to comb or brush my hair yet i still was able to look fierce! hope this helps fellow transistioners as we no longer live the lye!

Kee Y., Haddock, GA

I started getting relaxers at the age of 12. For my 18th birthday I decided to take my hair back to its roots. And just cut it off and let it grow back out naturally. I have a pretty small head. So I just wore a mini fro for a while took my vitamins. And before I knew it my hair was growing back.

Quannette W., Richmond, VA (click to see pictures)

I have been natural for 5 years now and when I first made the decision to go natural I had my hair cut down low and I would wear it slicked back with gel. As it grew out out I would put a little curl activator in it and let it curl up on it's own. And then as I had more length I would brush it upwards and put different sized and colored elastic headbands around it so it would look like a big afro puff or part it down the middle or diagnolly to make two puffs. As you can see natural hair is very versatile! Oh yeah, I forgot the dooky knots, single comb twist and double stranded twist.

Leah L., Memphis, TN

I am a beautifully graying Sister. I have made a conscious decision not to chemically dye my hair , nor place any temporary rinse in my hair. My hair is of a very thick coarse texture and the gray has come in quite nicely. Although I receive a light chemical treatment (4) times a year, I prefer more of a style that represents maturity and independence. I will often opt for a roller set with a French Roll or soft teased updo. I also have worn my hair wrapped following a wash when I did not choose to have a touch-up relaxer in my hair. Ladies ..thick ...full hair is don't have to look like someone just pressed your hair on the ironing board that morning..I have never like the flat ironed styles...not enough body for me.

Robin G., Dolton, IL

What I do is wash and condition at night, then add some olive oil, shea butter,and aloe vera gel to my hair and braid it into four large cornrows and put a scarf on it, then in the morning I unravel the braids and finger comb to hide the parts, spray a little oil sheen on it and tie a scarf around the edges like a headband.

Shawn, Fort Bragg, NC (click for picture)

Transitioning to natural hair can be rough, literally, and sometimes you just gotta cut it off via the Big Chop, like I did. But the Big Chop can also be traumatizing if you never had very short hair before, like it was for me. After getting over the shock of having natural hair and learning to see myself as this beautiful black women with THIS kind of hair, I learned to rock my TWA with style and grace. My hairstyle suggestions are to co-wash dailiy, cause just-chopped natural hair can feel very dry, find a good moisturizer, keep your edges lined up, throw on some big earrings and some shades and WORK IT HONEY! Don't let your TWA make you insecure. People are going to stare more than ever so give them something good to look at!

Trisha C., Albana, GA (click for picture)

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