Natural-Colors Henna Hair Color for Gray Coverage

Natural-Colors Henna Hair Color for Gray Coverage

Ebony (Black)
Dark Brown
Auburn (Burgundy)
Medium Brown (Warm Brown)
Light Brown
Mahogany (Chestnut Brown)
Golden Bronze (Warm Brown with Golden Tones)
Sunset Auburn



If you've ever tried to cover gray hair with a natural hair coloring product, you know how difficult that can be.  But, finding a safe, effective product you can feel comfortable using at home without damaging your hair has also been difficult.  Now there is Natural-Colors Henna for Gray Coverage.  A 97% natural, henna based product that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Secrets of Natural-Colors have been cherished throughout the ages,and endure the test of time in ancient lands. Famous beauties such as Nefertiti and Cleopatra used henna to enhance their hair coloring. Today it is used by women and men who want to enhance their appearance, at home, using Natural-Colors.

  • 97% Natural Plant Coloring
  • Provides Shine & Body
  • Blends Naturally

Natural-Colors coats each hair shaft with natural-looking colors which blend naturally and fade gradually over time. Natural-Colors smooths and seals the hair's cuticle for greater shine and body. Since Natural-Colors coats the hair shaft, it is to be applied after any Natural-Laxer hair spa treatments. Natural-Colors Henna for Gray Coverage has been specially formulated for covering gray hair.

Ingredients No Ammonia No Peroxide Less than 3% dye content Ingredients: Pure Henna, Amla, Citric Acid, Bhringaraj, p-phenylene diamine Before dilution- 97% henna (lawsonia), 3% other ingredients
After dilution- 2% or less dye. Dyes used:
  • Black- 3% p-phenylene diamine, Sodium Perborate, Citric Acid, Magnesium Carbonate, Amla, Bhringaraj
  • Dark Brown- 2.5% p-phenylene diamine, Sodium Perborate, Citric Acid, Magnesium Carbonate, Amla, Bhringaraj, 4-amino phenol
  • Medium Brown (Chestnut Brown)- 2.25% p-phenylene diamine, Sodium Perborate, Citric Acid, Magnesium Carbonate, Amla, Bhringaraj, 4-amino phenol
  • Burgundy (Auburn)- 2%: Sodium Perborate, Citric Acid, Magnesium Carbonate, Bhringaraj, Amla, p-phenylene diamine, 1,4-diamine-2-nitro benzene

What you'll need:

  • Small glass bowl to mix paste in
  • Tint brush or fine tooth-comb
  • Thin gloves to protect hands
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (recommended for best results)

Skin Sensitivity Test:

  • Cleanse small area of skin behind ear or inner surface of the forearm
  • Apply small quantity of paste to the area and allow it to dry
  • After 24 hrs wash the area gently
  • If no irritation is apparent, it may be assumed that no sensitivity to the dye exists

Strand Test

  • Mix 1/2 tsp. Henna with 1/2 tsp of hot water.
  • Apply to 1” section of hair or enough to wrap around a finger
  • Leave on until dry
  • Rinse off
  • Shampoo
  • Dry

Preparation of Paste:

  1. Mix powder (entire contents) gradually adding about two ounces of Apple Cider Vinegar.  Hot Apple Cider Vinegar is recommended. 
  2. Stir paste thoroughly 3 minutes. While stirring it will become a gel like paste
  3. Do not use the remaining paste. Discard Immediately.


  1. Wash hair before applying.  Hair must be clean and slightly damp or dry before applying paste.
  2. Use tint brush or thin-toothed comb to apply the paste
  3. Use plastic gloves
  4. Part hair into small sections and apply paste from root to tip, working one section at a time.
  5. Do not massage paste into the scalp
  6. After applying Henna it is important to wait for the color development.  Wait until the paste is completely dry (usually about 45-60 minutes).
  7. For best gray coverage leave product on for 90 minutes. A heat cap is not required.  A HydraCap or heat cap can help the color adherence.
  8. Rinse your hair with water until the excess dye is removed and water runs clear
  9. Between color treatments use Baka Max Moist Shampoo and Silk Protein Conditioner for best color retention.


  • This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals.  A sensitivity test should be done before use.
  • Do not use this product to dye eyelashes or eyebrows.  Doing so may cause blindness.
  • Keep away from children
  • For external use only
  • Dye contents after dilution is not more than 3%, in powder form, prior to dilution, it is not less than 3%.
  • We do not make any therapeutic claim.
  • Do not use with peroxide or chemical dyes.
  • Discard remaining paste immediately.

Product Reviews

By Nikita
Perfect for my grays
April 1, 2017
I have nothing but fantastic results with this product. Treasured locks has always shipped quickly and the samples that they include are the bomb. I love Treasured Locks.
By Cj
November 5, 2016
Very true brite color and lasts! Best product in 25 years of dying.
By Angie Johannes
New Salisbury, IN
Container too Small
November 1, 2016
When I received my purchase I was so disappointed in the size. I had to postpone my dye job to purchase 3 more 2 oz containers. I pray this time it would be enough. I bought henna before and never had this problem. It's unrealistic to expect a person to use that little henna on a full head of hair. I bought 3 more containers from Amazon and if i like the results will buy it from them again.
Merchant Response:You should look into Treasured Locks Gray Away Enhanced Henna if the Natural-Colors container are too small.
By Marcia
Best product ever
September 27, 2016
I totally recommend this product if you want complete and lasting color. I was wearing my hair natural (salt and pepper gray) but I wanted a new look so I tried this product. This product covers my gray completely and it is very easy to use. I use the entire jar but for touch-ups, I was able to use just a half jar. I am ordering the dark brown next since the black is very black and I want a softer more natural hair color.
By Tania Brown
Love, Love, Love this product
September 22, 2016
I have a ton a grey and have pretty much gone several different henna's trying to get my 80% grey hair a uniform color. This product is the only one that did the job- and my hair feels great. Tania
By genevia
dequincy, LA
Love the color
September 14, 2016
Hair looks great with this color
Florissant, CO
So happy to have discovered this!
September 13, 2016
I found this product online after thorough research. I absolutely love it! I have medium length long brown hair. I chose the light brown (as it does come out darker than one might think) and am thrilled. Normally my hair is tangled and unruly. This brings out my natural waves and evens out my color after years of using harmful peroxide dyes. My hair is very easy to brush now. For me, it lasts about 4 weeks. I buy it in large quantities now. I would recommend this to anyone.
By Marie
Just what I was looking for!
August 14, 2016
I discovered this product online. I have mostly medium brown hair, but do have very visible gray hair. I have used products in the past with the damaging peroxide ingredients and finally quit using them a few use ago as it was damaging my hair. I decided to give this natural product a try and absolutely love it. I went a shade lighter based upon some of the reviews. I am really glad I did. The inclination was to do a medium brown, but instead I chose light brown. I am very happy with my decision. I would rather have subtle red highlights than gray hair and I love the color it made my hair although it made it slightly darker. My hair was so soft and manageable and easy to comb (I have mid-back length hair). For me, it has lasted about weeks and I am getting ready to re-do it. I love this product!
By Kendra DeBerry
Holly Springs, MS
Best coloring product for gray hair.
July 5, 2016
I love this product. This is the only hair color that covers my stubborn, hard to color gray hair. No other product has done the job of coloring my hair. I would recommend this product to anyone that has hard to color gray hair.
By B
New York, NY
A Must Buy!
June 16, 2016
Covered my stubborn grey hairs beautifully!
Louisville, ky
Excellent Product
June 4, 2016
I loved didn't make my hair dry and brittle
By Dana
Pros and cons
April 27, 2016
I have used the dark brown 3-4 times and the medium brown mixed with mahogany once. I have very stubborn curly gray hair which I have been coloring for years with salon color. Using less harsh and more natural products has been an ongoing part of my natural hair journey which led me to this product. For the most part, I have been very pleased with my experiences with this product. Pros- Leaves my hair soft, only takes 2 hrs start to finish, easy to do yourself, rinses easily, convenient. Cons- only a week or 2 before I start seeing grays poking through, I only get complete coverage with dark brown, loosens curl pattern, cost when include shipping. Overall, I would definitely recommend if you're like me and don't want red hair while also needing something stronger for your grays than all natural henna.
By Yeganeh
Austin, Texas
Henna hair color
April 25, 2016
I love it! My hair was so damaged from chemical processes. Henna is a life saver. My hair is getting back to normal Thank you so much Rose g
By Sonija Marinovic
Middle Village, NY
Highly recommend
April 20, 2016
My order arrived quickly with a neat personal notice and a pen. The hair color was very easy to apply and provided excellent coverage of my gray hair.
By Mary B
natural color hennacolor fot gray coverage
March 25, 2016
this is execellent products would buy again and smell not bad
42 Questions & 41 Answers
Treasured Locks Staff
from West Chester, OH asked:
March 30, 2012
Can I use this product along with the Natural-Laxer MIX?
1 Answers
Yes. Natural-Laxer MIX works great with henna coloring. The key is to remember the order. If you're going to use both on the same day, make sure you use the Natural-Laxer MIX before using the henna coloring. If you're going to apply them on different days, make sure to wait at least one week after doing henna coloring to apply Natural-Laxer MIX.
Treasured Locks Staff
on March 30, 2012

Tania Brown
from 30328 asked:
September 21, 2016
Hi, Love, love, love the results!! My hair is finally black and it feels great- no drying at all. Just curious what is the difference between this and your other hair color product?
1 Answers
We are glad you love it. Our Treasured Locks product comes in a package that is approximately 75% larger. We also have packaged it differently to make damage less likely during shipping.
Treasured Locks Staff
on September 21, 2016

from North Carolina asked:
June 29, 2016
I'm new o this and my hair is black with some gray patches and I would like to dye my hair to cover the grey. I would like to either dye it a deep dark brown or just black to cover the grey? Is this the correct product to purchase or should I purchase this in a brown color?
1 Answers
We have both dark brown and black. Which you choose depends on how you prefer your hair to end up. Please keep in mind the black is really black. The dark brown is very dark brown.
Treasured Locks Staff
on June 30, 2016

from South Carolina asked:
June 11, 2016
Can I blend black and brown to bring the color to the nice chesnut color? My hair is dark brown but don't want to color black.
1 Answers
Sure you can blend colors, but we sell a variety of colors including Mahogany or Chestnut
Treasured Locks Staff
on June 14, 2016

C Akua
from Mt. Croghan, SC asked:
April 29, 2016
I have been using this product to cover my grey and I am very pleased for 2 years now. I want to know how to remove the henna and begin anew with a fresh grey head, what do I do to strip the henna from my head to begin fresh?
1 Answers
If you Google "removing henna from hair" you'll find some techniques. We can't strongly recommend them though. Some can damage your hair. Some call for using "warm" oil. Oil can get hot enough to severely burn you. We'd recommend just allowing the henna to fade naturally.
Treasured Locks Staff
on May 4, 2016

from glenn dale, md asked:
April 8, 2016
is this product sold in any stores. i would like to do this today. i live in glenn dale, md.
1 Answers
I'm sorry. It's not sold in stores. We ship fast though. Normally two business days. You'll have it about a week after you order or faster.
Treasured Locks Staff
on April 11, 2016

from Bellevue, WA asked:
February 3, 2016
Hello, I have purchased this color, the Black and Dark brown. I mixed the two to achieve soft black color that I was successful with. However the color only lasted two to three weeks the most. I am a guy and have been using traditional colors all my life. My wife gets Henna applied at a salon, she waits for 6 hours before she washes off but her color works for longer than a month. I have tried sitting for two hours with the color on before washing it off but it still lasted for 2 weeks. I have also tried using Cider instead of water and still no difference. What needs to be done so the color stays on for at least a month? Thanks
1 Answers
Of course we have no way of knowing what the stylist is putting on your wife's hair or the process she is using. Most people get 4-6 weeks with our henna, but your mileage may vary. If you follow the directions and use Apple Cider Vinegar (not Cider), that should give you the best results. Using something like our HydraCap to keep the moisture and heat in longer might help as well. Our product only uses a minimal amount of dye to be as safe and close to natural as possible while still providing gray coverage. Even at two weeks coverage versus a month or a little longer with a salon treatment, our product is probably a better value. I hope this helps.
Treasured Locks Staff
on February 8, 2016

from Austin, TX asked:
January 20, 2016
Is a hair dryer needed to set the color?
1 Answers
No. But, a heated conditioning cap or our HydraCap is recommended.
Treasured Locks Staff
on February 3, 2016

terry babcock
from fresno, ca asked:
January 5, 2016
I love the product and coverage but cant seem to find my color I have a light redish auburn hair and all your colors come out very dark on me, even the light brown, what can I do the brown come out almost black, I do have very healthy hair straight irish/scotisch hair
1 Answers
If you find the colors in our Gray Coverage product to be too dark, you can try the Natural-Colors product that doesn't contain any dye. It comes in lighter colors.
Treasured Locks Staff
on February 3, 2016

from Memphis, TN asked:
October 23, 2015
Is this product safe to use during pregnancy?
1 Answers
We have to give our standard answer. If you have any medical questions or concerns, you should consult with your doctor. We give that answer for any question about whether any product is safe to use with certain medications, or medical conditions- including pregnancy.
Treasured Locks Staff
on October 27, 2015

from Florida asked:
September 20, 2015
I've colored my hair in the past and my grey/gray would turn an ugly greenish color, has that been known to happen with your product?
1 Answers
This product is specifically made to cover those difficult to cover grays. They can be very difficult to cover with pure henna which is why we add a small amount of dye to this product. That avoids the problem you had with other products.
Treasured Locks Staff
on September 21, 2015

from TN asked:
July 10, 2015
If the Henna was applied and it did not take as I was expecting it to can I re-do it immediately or do I have to wait for a period of X amount of time? Can I add more Apple Cider Vinegar or water then it mentions on the container to liquefy it more or does it have to be more pasty? I ask because it becomes real cakey on my hair before I am done applying it and I thought if it was more liquefied it could be applied easier.. I have noticed in other videos of showing how to apply Henna they wrap either with saran wrap or a shower cap to let Henna set longer, is that necessary with your product? Should I leave the Henna on my hair for several hours?
1 Answers
Yes it is safe to re-apply immediately. Please add enough liquid to make the product a thin, soupy paste. It should not be chunky or too thick. You want it thin enough to smooth through out your hair evenly but not to run down your face and neck. A shower cap or something to keep the product from drying is highly recommended. You do not need to leave it on for several hours. 90 minutes is enough.
Treasured Locks Staff
on July 27, 2015

from Memphis TN asked:
April 1, 2015
Where are you located in case I choose to order product? I need to know the time frame in ordering and arrival as my hair is getting desperate? :-) The salons that are recommended on your website do those salons carry this product, Natural-Colors Henna Hair Color for Gray Coverage in case I want to go to one of them and purchase it there?
1 Answers
We are located near Cincinnati, OH. Unless you order Express, you should allow 2-3 business days for shipping and 2-3 business days in transit. Orders normally go out in two business days and I would expect delivery to Tennessee to take about two additional business days.
Treasured Locks Staff
on April 1, 2015

from Memphis TN asked:
April 1, 2015
I want to use Henna to color my gray that is in my hair.(I'm tired of using chemical hair coloring and want to go natural) I read where this is natural, chemical free except for about 3% dye that is not chemical free. Is this product in a jar ready to use or is similar to this product where I have to add stuff? I have never used Henna and a bit hesitant because I have curly, half way down my back length hair and how does one accomplish doing this alone? Is this product for all hair types or basically only for african ameircan hair types? The salon locator on this website, do those salons use the Henna hair coloring to do someones hair if I do not feel brave enough to use the product myself? Is the hair coloring for dummies, meaning could I really mess it us being a newbie and if i have to do it myself? I went to an Indian Henna Hair Salon in my area and they told me that the Henna does not cover gray well and it would turn red, I thought if anyone that nationality would know their Henna. HELP!!! :-)
1 Answers
The product is all inclusive. You will need to use water or apple cider vinegar to make the paste. You would probably need at least two if not three jars to cover that much hair. You need to be able to get the paste throughout all of your hair. The product is for all hair types. The salon locator on our site is salons that do natural hair. It is likely that they would be willing and able to apply henna, but you would have to check with them individually. It pretty much is hair coloring for dummies. Henna will not damage your hair or scalp. You can't over process it. It's very easy to do. Our product, for Gray Coverage, as you noted has a small amount of dye. It does cover gray very well.
Treasured Locks Staff
on April 1, 2015

Vanessa Jones
from asked:
March 17, 2015
My hair is naturally black . Can I use another color besides black?
1 Answers
If your hair is (still) naturally black, you can use any color henna to get the effects of henna- smoothing and softening of the hair and general conditioning. You will probably not notice any change in color if your hair is truly black. Many people have very, very dark brown hair which appears black in some lights. Our black is truly black. When applied to dark brown hair, it will make it black. Using any color other than black will provide a slight tint or highlights that may be visible in some light. Henna does not lift color. It will never make your hair any shades lighter than it starts off as.
Treasured Locks Staff
on March 17, 2015

from Pennsylvania asked:
March 12, 2015
Will this product work on locked hair without leaving residue within my locks? Are there special instructions for locked hair? Thanks
1 Answers
It works great on locks. There are no special instructions.
Treasured Locks Staff
on March 12, 2015

from Cayman Islands asked:
February 13, 2015
Hi, I am 100% natural and would like to use the Henna to cover grays as well as the naturalaxer to help soften my hair. Can you recommend which should be used first and the time I should wait before applying other.
1 Answers
The order is Natural-Laxer MIX first, then henna. They can be done on the same day.
Treasured Locks Staff
on February 13, 2015

from mont,Al. asked:
November 17, 2014
hi, l used henna before from another website. it colored my gray good at first but after a week the gray came back around my forehead and temple areas, where I was washing my face on a daily basis. will your product do the same ? and how long will your product last before my gray show back up and I need to do it again?
1 Answers
Henna coats the hair and is a temporary color. It can be removed by certain chemicals. So, depending on what is in your face cleanser, it could remove henna. Our Natural-Colors for Gray Coverage contains a small amount of dye, so it is possible it could last longer.
Treasured Locks Staff
on November 18, 2014

darlene laws
from phila asked:
October 5, 2014
i cannot use regular hair dye is this product safe no side effects.
1 Answers
Natural-Colors for Gray Coverage does contain a small amount of dye to provide coverage for those stubborn grays. Those who are sensitive to hair dyes should be aware of this fact. We recommend a skin test before applying this product to your hair and scalp. If you are particularly sensitive to dyes, we recommend Natural-Colors (the one that does NOT say for Gray Coverage). That product is 100% henna.
Treasured Locks Staff
on October 6, 2014

from New Zealand asked:
August 22, 2014
hi i have been using henna & indigo to color my hair black with mixed results can i use your product straight away
1 Answers
Yes, you can use Natural-Colors straight away.
Treasured Locks Staff
on August 27, 2014

from Wichita, KS asked:
July 20, 2014
I recently started losing my shoulder length hair after a chemical curl process. I finally got frustrated and cut all of my hair off to about 1/2-1". As I am trying to stay away from chemicals now and allow my hair to grow back would this product be harmful to my hair? With my current hair length I have approximately 75% gray coverage.
1 Answers
This product is 97% natural henna. There is a small amount of dye which helps cover gray. It is as natural of a hair color you can get that will also effectively cover gray. Henna can actually be helpful to the texture of the hair, particularly gray hair which tends to be more coarse.
Treasured Locks Staff
on July 22, 2014

Bobbi Jo
from Omaha,Ne asked:
March 18, 2014
Hello, I've read so many reviews about the color being too dark. I'm not sure what color to get, my hair is dark brown. I don't want my hair to turn out black with the dark brown henna. Suggestions please?
1 Answers
The dark brown will not make your hair black, it will make it very dark brown. The black color will make your hair black. Some people who have dark brown hair actually think it's black until they dye if black and realize it is actually very dark brown. You could try starting with a lighter shade and if it's not dark enough, covering with the darker color.
Treasured Locks Staff
on March 19, 2014

from Florida asked:
September 1, 2013
My hair is pretty long at the moment, a few inches past my shoulders. Would one jar be enough, or would I need to order two?
1 Answers
It is probable that you will need two jars.
Treasured Locks Staff
on September 3, 2013

from Florida asked:
September 1, 2013
My hair is pretty long at the moment, a few inches past my shoulders. Would one jar be enough, or would I need to order two?

from Montreal, Quebec asked:
June 23, 2013
I am ethnically Chinese. My hair is coarse and straight. I have 2 questions. Will this hair color work for me? Since I keep my hair short and it grows rapidly, would it be safe to color my hair more frequently than 4 weeks (prefer weekly) with this product?
1 Answers
The product should work for you. You can use it more than once every four weeks.
Treasured Locks Staff
on June 24, 2013

from Huntsville, AL asked:
June 13, 2013
I have sister locks that have a lot of lint and other "scalp debris" embedded in the lock. I want to try to cover this up along with the gray. Will the henna adequately cover that unsightly mess?
1 Answers
Yes, Natural-Colors will color the lint the same color as the hair.
Treasured Locks Staff
on June 13, 2013

J. Threat
from Atlanta, Georgia asked:
May 7, 2013
I use permanent color and want to use Natural-Colors to extend the time between shampoos. How long after applying permanent color must I wait to apply Natural-Colors. How long after applying Natural-Colors must I wait to apply permanent colors.
1 Answers
1.) You can apply Natural-Colors immediately after a permanent color treatment. No wait time is necessary. 2.) After applying Natural-Colors, it's best to wait several shampoos (or co-poos) before applying a permanent color. The reason for this is to allow the Natural-Colors to wear off of the hair shaft so that the permanent color can break through and penetrate the hair shaft.
Treasured Locks Staff
on May 7, 2013

from Houston, TX asked:
August 14, 2012
How many uses can I expect from the 2 oz. bottle?
1 Answers
Each jar is one application for an average head of hair.
Treasured Locks Staff
on August 15, 2012

from West Chester, OH asked:
July 24, 2012
How long will Natural-Colors Henna for Gray Coverage last?
1 Answers
Natural-Colors for Gray Coverage will gently fade over a period of 4-6 weeks.
Treasured Locks Staff
on July 24, 2012

from West Chester, OH asked:
July 24, 2012
Are there any chemicals in Natural-Colors for Gray Coverage?
1 Answers
Natural-Colors for Gray Coverage contains less than 3% of a dye (after preparation). Recently, there have been reports that some chemical hair dyes might be linked to ovarian and breast cancer. This link is controversial. And, you know we don't like to perpetuate unproven rumors. It appears that at least some reputable professionals are concerned about this link. It looks like the greatest risk is to hair care professionals (who handle the products on a regular basis) and, if there is a link, it's weak at best. Darker colors and black are considered more risky because the chemicals in them are used at higher concentrations. Use of Natural-Colors for Gray Coverage minimizes potential risk from the use of the chemicals in permanent hair coloring products by using the dyes at a very low concentration.
Treasured Locks Staff
on July 24, 2012

from West Chester, OH asked:
July 24, 2012
Will Natural-Colors Henna lighten my hair?
1 Answers
NO. Natural-Colors Henna does not contain any lightening chemicals. Blond henna brings out yellow and light brown highlights. Marigold Blond brings out gold and yellow highlights. Both add shine and body to gray hair.
Treasured Locks Staff
on July 24, 2012

from West Chester, OH asked:
July 24, 2012
Can I perm after using Natural-Colors?
1 Answers
Henna coats the hair shaft and, in some cases, prevents the chemicals in the perm lotion from penetrating. Prior to a perm, remove Natural-Colors Henna or wait for it to fade away.
Treasured Locks Staff
on July 24, 2012

from West Chester, OH asked:
July 24, 2012
Can I use Natural-Colors after semi-permanent or permanent hair colors?
1 Answers
Yes, After coloring with semi-permanent or permanent hair colors, wait 5 shampoos before applying Natural-Colors henna. This will allow the hair to be free of any chemical residue. Applying Natural-Colors any sooner can cause damage to the hair, including breakage.
Treasured Locks Staff
on July 24, 2012

from West Chester, OH asked:
July 24, 2012
Can I use Natural-Colors after a perm?
1 Answers
Yes, After perming, wait 5 shampoos before applying Natural-Colors henna. This will allow the hair to be free of any chemical residue. Applying Natural-Colors any sooner can cause damage to the hair, including breakage.
Treasured Locks Staff
on July 24, 2012

from West Chester, OH asked:
July 24, 2012
Can I try a strand test first?
1 Answers
Yes. Mix about 1 tsp Natural-Colors henna with 1 tbsp of boiling water. Apply to 1" section of hair (enough to wrap around a finger). Wrap in plastic wrap. Leave on for required time (see timing on directions) Rinse off, shampoo and dry.
Treasured Locks Staff
on July 24, 2012

from New York asked:
May 19, 2012
Will shampooing and conditioning your hair after right after applying this inhibit the color from covering gray hair? And what do I put in the henna? Some have suggested an egg, olive oil and apple cider but what amount? And how long do I leave it in? Is 90 minutes enough? Thanks! My hair in thin fine caucasian.
1 Answers
Please shampoo before the application of the henna, not after. After the application you will rinse until the water runs clear, then condition. Using apple cider vinegar in place of water will give better adherence of the henna. 60-90 minutes is sufficient time for the product to set properly. All other ingredients are best not used when applying henna. No eggs or olive oil please.
Treasured Locks Staff
on May 21, 2012

from Miami, Fl asked:
April 15, 2012
I need a product that will not strip my karetin treatment. Is this safe to use after a keratin treatment?
1 Answers
Yes, it is safe to use after a keratin treatment without worrying about it stripping the keratin treatment.
Treasured Locks Staff
on April 16, 2012