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Nubian Heritage Shea Butter Lotion

Nubian Heritage's Shea Butter lotions are produced with lots of Shea Butter and other high quality ingredients. The natural ingredients Nubian Heritage imports from Africa are blended into recipes created for today's demands on you. These lotions are creamy, rich and ultra-hydrating unlike some watered down lotions you'll find elsewhere for a lot more money.  Nubian Heritage includes pure Shea Butter,cocoa butter, mango butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil, black seed oil,baking soda, olive oil, Arabian honey, oatmeal, botanical extracts and essential oils (known for their healing properties).  The use of these natural ingredients recognizes the value of them in treating conditions specific to people of Nubian Heritage.  To save, buy the lotion in bulk.  Feel free to mix and match.

Buy in bulk and save:
  • 1-5 bottles- $11.99 each
  • 6-11 bottles- $10.99 each
  • 12 bottles or more- $9.99 each PLUS get free Ground Shipping 
Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed Lotion
Black Seed also known as the "Seed of Blessing" had medicinal properties so powerful that it has also been called the "cure for all disease". Our ancestors used Black Seed Oil on the skin to strengthen the immune system, prevent skin infections, increase circulation and achieve a smooth even complexion. Nubian Heritage has combined the potent healing and antioxidant properties of Black Seed Oil with the skin softening conditioning and antiseptic qualities of Honey &Apricot Oil. This combination is married with a Shea Butter lotion rich in nutrients, amino acids, proteins, vitamins C, D and E. The result is a silky smooth lotion that is extremely absorbent and particularly effective in soothing dry skin.

Nubian Heritage Mango Butter Lotion

Nubian Heritage's Mango and Shea Butter Body Lotion is an extra moisturizing lotion that blends the moisturizing, healing and skin softening properties of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Mango Butter with the anti-aging and skin regenerative properties of Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. When I got this in, I just couldn't wait to try it. It literally smells good enough to eat (but don't).

Nubian Heritage Lavender and Wildflowers Lotion

Nubian Heritage's Shea Butter Lavender & Wildflowers Body Lotion is a lotion that blends the moisturizing, healing and skin softening properties of Shea Butter, Lavender & Wildflowers with the anti-aging and skin regenerative properties of Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Lotion

Formerly knowon as Oats & Aloe Lotion revives the African tradition of merging natural moisturizers, astringents and antiseptics to condition skin,induce new skin cell growth and even skin tone. This lotion not only moisturizes, it helps prevent minor breakouts and heals. This body moisturizer actively treats body breakouts and minor skin afflictions with African Black Soap Extract, Salicylic Acid (anti-acne medication), Dead Sea Mineral Salts and Jojoba Oil. The Oatmeal and Aloe Vera Extract soothe and firm your skin, while the Shea Butter maximizes moisturizes and promotes healing.

Nubian Heritage Olive & Green Tea Lotion

Since the 13th Century, Olive Oil has been coveted for its moisturizing, regenerating and skin softening effects. Referred to as"The Fountain of Youth" for over 4000 years, Green Tea Leaf is revered by herbalists for its powerful anti-aging and antioxidant properties.In the tradition of Nubian Heritage, with Shea Butter as a base, they have crafted a wonderful union between these two ancient wonders, resulting in a gentle, all natural lotion that regulates moisture, combats aging, regenerates skin cells and protects against environmental exposure. Our Olive Butter Lotion with its creamy texture and lasting moisture will leave your skin soft and smooth, while restoring its natural radiance and balance.

Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Lotion
This lotion from Nubian Heritage is one of the best lotions you can buy at any price.  The primary ingredient is Raw African Shea Butter and extra vegetable glycerin is added.  Enhanced with Soy Milk and scented with essential oils of Frankincense& Myrrh, this lotion lives up the standards you've come to expect from Nubian Heritage. Raw Shea butter not only helps repair skin and eases conditions like severe dryness, eczema and psoriasis.  Raw Shea Butter helps prevent further damage by providing UV protection from the Sun.  Nubian Heritage's Raw Shea Butter recipe captures Shea Butter in its purest form.  Nubian Heritage uses raw shea butter, just as has it has been used in Africa for centuries. Nubian Heritage sources its Shea Butter from villages throughout West Africa and invests directly into African communities and families.

Nubian Heritage Ivorian Cocoa Butter Lotion with Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Oil

Cote d'Ivorie, situated on the West Coast of Africa, produces the finest quality cocoa butter in the beans in the world.  This rich Shea Butter  hydrating lotion is formulated with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Hazelnut Oil and Vitamin E.  It improves skin elasticity, evens skin tone and envelops your skin in moisture.  Enhancing this sinfully sensual experience is the rich, milk chocolate aroma.

Nubian Heritage Coconut & Papaya Lotion

Nubian Heritage's Coconut and Papaya Shea Butter lotion pays homage to the tropics and captures the benefits of coconut and papaya in their nutrient-rich, sweet-scented total body lotion. This original blend of pure Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, nourishing Coconut Oil and vitamin-rich Papaya provides superior, lasting hydration and nourishment for skin. Use daily as needed.

Coconut oil, high in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, is an excellent skin softener and protector. Papaya contains papain, naturally occurring enzyme used for centuries to gently dissolve dead skin cells, loosen pore blockage and stimulate circulation.

Nubian Heritage Lemongrass & Tea Tree Lotion

Nubian Heritage Lemongrass and Tea Tree Lotion blends the naturally de-odorizing Lemongrass with its lemony aroma and anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil.  Lemongrass' scent is known to relieve stress.  Antiseptic Tea Tree Oil heals and restores moisture to dry skin.  Softening vegetable butters and plant oils leave your skin baby-smooth.  Sunflower oil, rich in Vitamins A, B, D and F, antioxidant Vitamin E and Comfrey Root extract have been added to nourish and protect the skin and restore elasticity.  Use daily as a total body moisturizer.
Ingredients See individual entries for each lotion for a complete ingredients list

4.5 Stars based on 28 reviews
By Dashkova
April 11, 2017
I love the Nubian Heritage Shea Butter and use it to sooth rough skin on my body and sometimes on my face. It smells great and like its description says, it really does smell good enough to eat. Although it absorbs pretty quickly, I like to use it after an evening shower before bed and cuddle up in my pajamas and feel pampered with my skin very soft.
By Dontrice
Houston , TX
Best I've Had
January 5, 2017
This product arrived in a timely fashion. The product smells great. You just wanna eat it..but don't. .lol..I bought the soap as well. So excited to have a new go to product
By Steve
October 11, 2016
lets face it. most of the things off the shelf are not for us. this is for us. it costs more but there is no comparison. I wont name the brand I used to buy but I had recently went back to it. The difference was more dramatic this time. love it!!
By Walter
Harrisburg, pa
make you feel soft as a baby
August 15, 2016
I love how it makes my skin so soft and it smells good enough to eat. one of my top choices
By Bonnie
Woolwich, Maine
My only lotion
April 30, 2016
I'm ordering more of this lotion because my friends have tried mine and taken my last order home with them! It is all I use on my face and hands, and anywhere I have dry skin. And I like the scent. Can't be without it!
By Katie
Cincinnati, OH
I love this lotion!
December 17, 2013
The Honey & Black Seed lotion is fabulous. The smell is amazing and the lotion keeps my skin moist - even in the driest weather!
By Marcia
Washington, DC
Coconut & Papaya Lotion Smells Marvelous!
November 6, 2013
I love the smell of this lotion and the way it melts into my skin so nicely and I smell good. It is thick and I thought if I kept the bottle upside down that would help get the lotion out faster, but not so much. I really love using it everyday. I look forward to trying all the different fragrances.
By Tyler
North Las Vegas, Nevada
Mango Butter
September 2, 2013
This product is very thick, which is perfect. I love the mango smell as well, but it is a bit overwhelming, so I do plan to try other flavors.
By Keisha
Las Vegas, Nevada
It's okay
June 6, 2013
The lotion is very thick, definately not thin and watery like most all natural lotions. The smell is also very nice, I purchased the Honey and Black Seed one. However, it takes a lot of effort to get this lotion to rub into your skin, also it doesn't last all day, after about 10 hours, once I returned home, I noticed my skin started getting ashy again.I'm saddened to say I probably won't be buying this one again, I wish I could because I love the smell and consistency.
By Japonica
Camilla, Ga
December 3, 2012
The smell is amazing and it have your skin feeling so soft. And the fact that it's all organic is a PLUS! The only con is the lotion is hard to squeeze from the bottle because the lotion is quite thick.
By Vanessa
A gift !!
June 15, 2012
The first time I received this lotion, it was given to me as a gift. Loved it. Now I give this lotion as a gift to my friends. They love it too. I believe in the antiaging properties of shea butter and my nail technician always comments on how soft my skin is. I use this lotion from head to toe!!
By Blanche Christian-Crawford
Bronx New York
Nubian Heritage SheaButter Lotion
April 20, 2012
A wonderful fragrance and quickly absorbs when applied. My only comment is that it does not come out of the bottle easily
By Mr & Mrs. David E Harrison Sr
October 29, 2011
My wife feel that her skin is much smoother and she loves it very much. as we said outstanding.
By Deborah
Douglasville, Ga.
Great Product for everyday skincare
October 5, 2011
This line of lotion is wonderful for our skin. Has healing properties as well as others. The organic ingredients are excellent. The fragrances are subtle but lasts all day. The thickness allows the product to be used minimally and it lasts quite a long time. When I reach the bottom of the bottle, I put it in the microwave for about five seconds to remove the lotion from the bottom. I will continue to buy this lotion as long as I can.
ProsNo chance of allergic reactions Fragrances are subtle Has healing properties
ConsA little pricey
By Kayla
Awesome lotion
July 10, 2011
This lotion is a perfect compliment to the soap. I'm using it now because I'm expecting and I use it in hopes of easing the stretching of my skin. I wish it were just a tad bit thinner. It is some thick lotion and sometimes when I put it on I feel instantly hot.
ConsIt's a thick lotion
2 Questions & 2 Answers
from San Diego, CA asked:
August 7, 2012
I am purchasing lotions (more than 12 bottles). However, they are not all the same fragrance. Does this not apply: Buy 6 or more at $10.99 each; Buy 12 or more at $9.99 each, or do you have to purchase all the same fragrance?
Yes, it does apply when you mix fragrances. And, you are on the right page to do so. Just choose the first fragrance you want and the quantity. Add that to your shopping cart. Return to the same page and do likewise with the next fragrance. Once you reach 6 total in your cart, you'll see the price change. It'll change again at 12.
Treasured Locks Staff
on August 8, 2012

from New York, NY asked:
May 3, 2012
Is it okay to use any of these lotions as a facial moisturizer as well?
We know that there are people who use body soaps for their face and there are people who use body lotions for their face. It's not something that we recommend. The skin on the face is more sensitive than the skin on the body. It's thinner and it's more easily gotten out of balance becoming either oily or dry. The skin on the face also tends to age faster due to exposure to the sun and the fact that the skin is thinner. We think it's worth taking care of this delicate skin with products formulated for its needs.
Treasured Locks Staff
on May 4, 2012