Roots Salon Professional Power Up Topical Hair Loss Treatment

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Roots Salon Professional Power Up Topical Hair Loss Treatment

2 fluid ounces
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  • Paraben Free
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Roots Salon Professional Power Up is a topical product for people in the early to moderate stages of hair thinning. Using Direct Follicle Supplementation, Power Up boosts the proper functioning of the hair follicle providing exceptional performance without side effects.

Power up is safe to use after other topical treatments like Minoxidil. Power Up is designed to be effective as a stand alone product but may be enhanced with other treatments. For men, we recommend combining Power Up along with Roots Salon Professional Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil.


Key Active Ingredients:

  • Aminexil- used in the treatment of hair loss to increase the circulation of blood to hair follicles to increase hair growth and prevent hardening of the hair shaft and the buildup of collagen around it.
  • Adenosine- an important bio-organic that fulfills many functions in the human body. Recent research shows that adenosine applied to the scalp can lead to improved hair growth for men and women.
  • Caffeine- clinical studies have shown topical caffeine to be beneficial for certain types of hair loss, especially testosterone induced hair growth suppression.
  • Ginseng- acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Collagen- 
  • Reservatol- PGD2 has been linked to pattern hair loss. Studies suggest that reservatol may lower PGD2 levels.
  • Procyanidin B-2- Protein kinase C (PKC) is a negative hair growth factor. Procyanidin B-2 decreases the level of PKC leading to increased hair diameter and density
  • Folic Acid- helps cells work and tissues grow.
  • Magnesium
  • Saw Palmetto- M block 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. DHT is responsible for a lot of hair loss.

Direct Follicle Supplementation

Power Up uses NEOhair technology for optimum absorption and time release. Direct Follicle Supplementation technology provides a timed 12 hour ingredient release. The liposome technology allows ingredients to be immediately absorbed and then released over a 12 hours period. Using the topical twice daily ensures your hair follicles are stimulated 24 hours of every day.

Direct Follicle Supplementation also provides higher absorption and deeper delivery. This makes certain your hair follicles are getting all of the active ingredients ad the right concentrations.

Other ingredients protect the active ingredients. It's essential that each active ingredient be protected from UV rays, oxygen, and other molecules so that the ingredients can have their intended effect.



  • Shake well before use.
  • Use morning and night for 24 hours of complete support
  • Apply 10 sprays with each application to entire scalp
  • This is a leave in treatment that should not be immediately rinsed off
  • Use regularly without interruption for results in as early as three months.





Roots Salon Professional line of products is committed to the idea that great hair begins at the Roots. The entire line is desinged to reinvent the hair itself by increasing length, creating volume, providing anti-aging components. All of this has the effect of creating more and healthier hair.

Roots uses state of the art techniques to supplement and stimulate the follicles. Vitamins and proven medications are also used to encourage your best hair growth.Roots brings the best bioscience can offer directly to you.+

Roots uses the latest science to maximize results. Roots Professional has the intention of being the first salon brand focused solely on the follicle itself.

Is Roots for You?

While men are typically associated with hair thinning, in the salon 85% of the people experiencing hair loss issues are women. Damage from hair extensions can lead to traction alopecia. Stress can also lead to hair loss. Roots Professional products are designed considering every demographic. If you are concerned about hair loss, Roots has a solution for you. Roots has determined that rather than simply being reactive to hair loss, they want to educate their clients being proactive. Rather than wait until hair loss and damage occurs, you can now prevent it from happening in the first place.

Being Proactive About Hair Loss

The new and improved approach taken by roots takes advantage of the fact that healthy hair responds faster to stimulating treatments than those already suffering hair loss issues. Technology that was once only for those with thinning hair can now be used to increase length, create body, and improve overall hair health for all hair types and all ages. By incorporating at least one or two Roots product into your hair regimen today, you can avoid hair problems in the future.

Hair Loss Myths:


Women Do Not Encounter Hair Loss

While "male pattern baldness" may be the type of hair loss we think of most often, women suffer from hair loss also. Some women even have a type of "male pattern baldness", as they age. For most people, the number of hair on your hair, hair elasticity, and hair thickness will all decrease with age. For women, we encourage early treatment and long term supplementation to prevent issues. As sensitive as men can be to hair loss, hair loss for women can be more traumatic.

Starting Hair Loss Treatment Too Early Makes Your Hair "Addicted" and Leads to Faster Hair Loss

This is, in fact, the opposite of the truth. The earlier hair loss treatment is started, the more effective it can be. This myth may have roots in the fact that male pattern baldness tends to start out in certain areas and then spreads. If you start a hair loss treatment and stop it, the hair returns to the way it would have been without the treatment. As of now, there is no cure for certain types of hair loss. Treatment must be maintained or the hair returns to the cycles it would have had left untreated.

Hair Loss Is Caused by "Clogged Pores"

The hair follicle is located deep in the dermis (skin) of the scalp. It does not become clogged and no product that "cleans it out" will imprve hair growth. Likewise, a "dirty scalp" does not slow hair growth. People are shampooing more often today than they did historically and hair loss rates remain the same. Having a healthy scalp is beneficial. But, scrubbing the scalp willl not stimulate hair growth.

Wearing Hats Causes Hair Loss

This myth probably has roots in the fact that men wearing baseball caps started to show hair loss. The fact is they would have had the hair loss anyway. Traction alopecia, hair loss caused by repeated pulling of the hair is real. But, wearing hats does not cause damage to the follicle leading to hair loss.

Poor Blood Flow Is the Primary Cause of Hair Loss

If this were the case, we would see spotty hair loss in most people, not the very symmetrical patterns we tend to see. Howeever, improving healthy blood flow to areas where the hair has atrophied is beneficial to the supplemental ingredients being sent there by treatment.

Fun Hair Facts:

Normal Scalp Growth of Terminal (Mature) Hairs

  • Average number of brown/black hairs on a scalp- 100,000 (10% more on blondes)
  • Fastest hair growth occurs between the ages of 15 and 30 years old
  • Slowest hair growth occurs in infants and the elderly
  • Average rate of hair growth: 0.35 mm/day, about 1/2 inch per month
  • Hair grows faster in the summer than in the winter
  • The lifespan of a single hair is between 2 and 7 years
  • A woman's strongest hair occurs around 19 years of age. For men, it is around 17 years old.
  • All of the hair follicles you will have you have at birth.
  • Hair goes through a lifecycle of growth, transition, and rest. It varies by person and location on the body.
  • Typical growth cycle is 2-5 years on the scalp. As long as 10 years for some people. This is the anagen phase.
  • The catagen phase is a transitional period of 2-4 weeks.
  • The telogen phase (rest phase) is when the individual hair will not grow any longer. The hair is no longer securely anchored and is easily removed by brushing, shampooing, or combing.

Roots Salon Professional D-Stress and Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium is a fairly common, temporary, and possibly recurring type of hair loss. What happens is a massive shift of the percentage of hairs that are in the telogen phase (rest) as opposed to the anagen phase (growth). Normally, most of your hairs would be in the growth phase.  When hair is in the telogen phase, not only is it not growing, it's easily removed from the scalp by normal activity like shampooing or brushing. When that balance is shifted, to hair being in the rest phase, you experience hair loss.

Telogen eflluvium is separate from the normal thinning of hair that occurs during normal aging.

Telogen effluvium can have a number of causes. It normally comes about three or four months after a triggering event.  The hair loss can be caused any any number of physical or emotional stressors.

  • Hormonal  issues
  • Post Partum state (after the birth of a baby)
  • After menopause or in transition into menopause
  • Hypo or hyperthryroidism
  • Caloric deficiency
  • Protein deficiency
  • Zinc deficiency
  • Biotin deficiency
  • Anticoagulants
  • Chemotherapy
  • Beta blockers
  • Lithium treatment
  • Oral Contraceptives
  • Retinols (such as Accutane)
  • Hypervitamininosis (vitamin overdose)
  • Physical stress
  • Psychological stress
  • Anemia
  • Systemic illness
  • Surgery

The good news is that telogen effluvium is temporary and is treatable. If you know you are going through or will go through these types of situations, it's possible to treat the hair loss before it begins and avoid it entirely.

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