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Sahara Clay

Description Baka Beauty's Sahara Clay is an Original, 100% natural, clay hair treatment and facial mask. This 15 minute treatment can add years of life to your hair. It is an excellent deep cleansing treatment for locks. Sahara Clay can be used to deep cleanse hair and skin. The all natural clay extracts impurities from hair and skin leaving a clean, smooth finish. Sahara Clay is:
  • Hair deep cleanser (especially good for locks)
  • Skin cleanser-makes a wonderful facial mask
Sahara clay is great for locks because it deep cleanses like no shampoo can and leaves no residue. Use periodically to leave your locks squeaky clean. The clay will never unravel formed or mature locks. It is a deep cleanser which removes impurities from the hair and skin, deeper than soap or shampoo. It is not harmful to the hair and can remain on the hair with heated moisture (heating cap) for up to 1 hour. Without a heating cap it can remain on the hair until it the clay begins to harden state. Then rinse and condition. The Masai tribe in Eastern Africa use a red clay on their hair. This provides a gentle hair relaxer effect on the hair. Sahara Clay will have this same effect. Sahara Clay can safely be used on straight (white) hair as well as on African American hair. It provides a deep cleansing and will make white, gray or blonde hair brighten. Sahara Clay will gradually relax the hair, to a certain extent.

As a facial mask, Sahara Clay will deep cleanse the skin, leaving a smoother appearance.

Safe for all hair types.
Ingredients 100% Sahara Clay. The Sahara Clay is an all natural clay directly from the dry desert earth. When soaked in hot or warm water, it becomes a mud.
Instructions As a hair cleanser or finish to Natural-Laxer
  • Soak a little Sahara Clay in 2-1/2 ounces of hot tap water.
    Each package is enough for 2-3 applications.
  • Stir into smooth paste, adding water as needed
  • After shampooing and conditioning, smooth onto wet hair with hands using upward motion from roots to ends
  • Smooth onto edges of hair
  • Leave in for several minutes. At least 15 minutes.
  • Do not shampoo after clay treatment
  • Rinse with water to leave a clean lustrous finish
  • Condition and moisturize
Each package is enough for an average of three treatments. Depending on the amount of hair you have, you may get a little more or a little less.

As a facial mask
  • Mix as instructed above. Place clay on face and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off
  • Do not leave on the face for longer than 20 minutes. Face may appear reddish immediately after rinsing because the impurities are drawn to the surface. The redness will subside quickly. It also can be used as a poultice, for acne, or boils.

As an alternative to the Natural-Laxer
  • Mix, as instructed
  • Smooth throughout hair
  • Apply a plastic cap
  • Sit with a thermal heat cap for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Rinse with water (do not shampoo)
  • Condition and moisturize.

Tip: If too much Sahara Clay is mixed, or too much water is added, you can drain off the excess water and allow the Clay to air dry for later use.

4.5 Stars based on 16 reviews
By Malika
Ft Lauderdale Florida
4bc hair natural
September 22, 2016
The Sahara clay is of excellent quality. I used it on my hair and it gave such beautiful definition. I wish it was in a larger jar. Otherwise it s the best clay I have used so far. Thanks Your products are always great
By genevia
dequincy, LA
On my face
September 14, 2016
I use this Sahara clay on my face, feel so refreshing.
Glorious Clay!
September 2, 2015
I used the Sahara Clay for years. I mixed it with a bit of olive oil and rose water. I have used a heat cap for one hour and rinsed thoroughly. I rolled my hair, sat under the dryer. When it was dry, I wrapped it and tied it up over-night. The next morning it looked amazing. Had a nice bounce. I almost got whip-lash from flinging it so much (lol). I used it 3 times at 7 day intervals. On the 21st day, I rinsed it well, left it wet and applied a crème activator to it. I let it dry naturally. BEAUTIFUL. Now I use the (already mixed version). Much easier. Try it and let me know how you like it. Oh! We did my Great Grand Daughters hair for her first day of school. Thank goodness there are no ink wells in the desk. She also almost got whip lash. Enjoy!
By Renee
St. Thomas, VI
Great Product!
January 16, 2015
Tried the Sahara Clay on my hair last night for the first time and was surprised at how quickly it worked on my hair. I followed the instructions for application and used a heat cap for 20 minutes, such great results for such a short amount of time, I will leave it longer next time. Hair felt soft and my texture was more visibly defined and still looks great today, cant stop admiring my coily curls! Can't wait to try it as a facial mask too only wish it came in additional sizes...
By Diana McNack
Torrance CA
Sahara Clay
August 16, 2014
I love this product on my hair. It makes my hair and scalp feel so refreshed. I use this product on my face it makes my skin so clean. I really like the smell (rosewater) and feel of my hair and face afterwards. I would recommend this product highly to my family and friends.
By SeaAira
Toledo, OH
Love it
July 7, 2014
so I have very course dry 4b hair, this is my 5th time buying this. I love how it makes my hair soft and loosen my curl pattern, in manageable way. Plus I have noticed a difference in the strength of my hair, because my hair 4b it's all brittle and it can easily brake, this has help to strengthen that. !!!
By Diane
St. Paul, MN
Best moisturizer
November 10, 2011
After only one use my hair was so soft and easy to manage - even the new growth. I used regular tap water this time, I plan to try it with the rose water next time.
By Sonya
New York
May 23, 2011
I am currently transitioning from permed to natural. This product made my hair easier to comb and did loosen the curl pattern a bit.
ProsMade my hair easier to comb.
ConsSmall container and can be drying to hair.
By Shelan Cooper
Sahara Clay
April 28, 2011
I love this product. My hair is so clean and easy to comb.
By Shari Dickens
Rocky Mount, NC
Great Product
October 17, 2010
I hardly recognized my own locks after using Sahara Clay. They were clean and so healthy looking.
By Cheri
fort lauderdale, fl
messy but guaranteed
September 9, 2010
I used this product to cleanse my hair and also as a face mask. My hair and scalp really looks healthy after use and your fact has a glow afer the face mask
Consmessy small container
By Jackie
Louisville, KY
Sahara Clay - great on hair and face
July 31, 2010
I've been using this product for about 2 years now and love the results. Helps to loosen my tight 4b curls and leaves hair feeling clean and strong. As a facial it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.
Prosgreat all natural cleanser for both hair and face.
Consmixing can be a pain.
By Sonya
Chicago, Il
Nice, but ok.
February 11, 2010
I tried Sahara Clay on my face and hair. It was a nice treatment, but I can't say that I saw or felt a difference.
ProsNice product to try.
By Crystal
Fairfield, California
Good, But Less than Hoped For
September 17, 2009
It was easy to mix and apply, but the directions on the jar was specifically for cleansing vs. an alternative to relaxing so a bit confusing at first. It did exactly what was advertised, softly relaxed my natural curls. Left hair a little dry, but my curls are extremely tight so I'm going to try the Natural-Laxer next.
ProsAll natural, used on both face and hair without any irriation or burning. Great cleanser.
ConsLeft hair a little dry so conditioning after is a MUST. A bit hard to rinse out due to tiny rocks being in the clay.
By Bernita Allen
Hampton, Virginia
Sahara Clay
September 14, 2009
Works great on my hair. I usually use this after the natural-laxer.
1 Question & 1 Answer
from New York, NY asked:
April 27, 2012
What is the difference between the Sahara clay and Natural-Laxer? What are the different results you would see from each product?
If you are looking for smoothing of the hair and relaxation of the curl pattern, you are going to get more effective and faster results with Natural-Laxer MIX which has Sahara Clay along with a combination of herbs.
Treasured Locks Staff
on April 27, 2012