Spectral.RS Hair Loss Treatment

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Spectral.RS Hair Loss Treatment



Spectral.RS® is an advanced hair regrowth treatment that increases hair growth and prevents hair loss without the use of Minoxidil. Spectral.RS can regrow hair in people who have post-natal shedding, menopausal issues, slow growing hair and thinning hair. If you are a woman experiencing any of these issues, Spectral.RS can help you get you your thick healthy hair back.

Spectral.RS contains no Minoxidil so it can be used by both men and women who might be senstiive to Minoxidil.  Spectral.RS® works by addressing multiple causes that can lead to thinning- internal factors such as stress, hormonal disturbances, lack of vitamins and mineral salts, and the use of certain medications. Spectral.RS also helps with perifollicular fibrosis is a condition that accompanies hair loss whereby the collagen around the hair root becomes rigid and tightens, pushing the root to the surface and causing premature hair loss.

Spectral.RS®  improves the nutrition, circulation, and metabolism of the follicle. In addition to the highly beneficial ingredients in Spectral.RS, it employs a technology that allows the ingredients to get to the place where they can do their work. Nanosomes are tiny organic micro-spheres that penetrate into the lowest levels of the skin and gradually release the ingredients over a fifteen hour period. By releasing the ingredients deep within the skin and over a long period of time, they become maximally effective. All ingredients are derived from highest purity organic sources and work synergistically to deliver maximum results in the treatment of thinning hair. Spectral.RS® has been developed to combat hair loss using a multi-faceted approach which includes:

  1. Addressing nutritional factors
  2. Preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT including the binding of DHT to hair-follicle receptors
  3. Removing excess sebum that accumulates around hair follicles, which improves the quality of the blood supply
  4. “Shocking” the hair follicle into a growth phase
  5. Improving the over-all condition and health of the scalp
  6. Preventing and reversing perifollicular fibrosis. Research has shown that regardless of the cause of alopecia, all types of hair-loss are accompanied by perifollicular fibrosis. Perifollicular fibrosis is a condition that causes the collagen around the hair root to become rigid. Afterward, the collagen tightens and then pushes the root to the surface of the scalp causing premature hair-loss.

Key ingredients:

  • Herbal Extracts
  • Aminexil SP94
  • Retinol
  • Nanosomes
  • Copper Peptides
  • Vitamin & Mineral Complex


Who should use Spectral.RS?

  • Women experiencing slow growth or thinning hair due to conditions such as
    • menopause
    • post-natal shedding
    • stress
    • the use of certain medications
    • nutritional deficiencies
  • Men and women who cannot tolerate minoxidil


There are four products in the Spectral line (topical scalp treatments) for you to choose from:

  • Spectral DNC-N - with 5% Nanoxidil. for lighter to medium stages of hair loss. Generally used by men in the early stages of hair loss.  Can be used by women as well although women will generally use Spectral.RS.
  • Spectral DNC-S - Dual Chamber products with multiple compounds. Products are mixed by the customer for maximum effectiveness.  Spectral DNC-S is for advanced stages of thinning.  Generally used by men for advanced hair loss, but can be used by women.  The argan oil in the product gives the hair a bit of a shine.
  • Spectral.RS - More for women. Anti-aging topical treatment for the hair follicle.  It is recommended for post natal shedding, menopausal issues, slow growing hair and thinning hair. If you are experiencing actual hair loss,  you should use one of the other treatments.
  • Spectral.F7 - is a booster agent. It is used by both men or women.  It should usually be used together with another treatment.  It is particularly recommended if you think stress is a factor in your hair loss or thinning.

What can you expect?

You should expect to see results in one to two months. You should see faster growth and thicker hair.  In one trial with 53 who had experienced hair loss, men aged 25-45 were told to use Spectral.RS for just four weeks.  In just four weeks 88% of the men reported the control of their hair loss was satisfactory to good:

Perception of Control of Hair Loss and Obtained Results

Week None Satisfactory or Good
1 28% 72%
2 22% 78%
3 17% 83%
4 11% 89%


Ingredients Deionised Water, Nanosomes of Ivy, Hops, and Capsicum, Nanosomes of Procyanidin B-2 and C-1, Adenosine, Diaminopyrimidine Oxide (Aminexil), Triclosan, Ethanol, Vitamin and Mineral Complex (proprietary complex of vitamins), Propylene Glycol, Piractone Olamine, and Methyl Paraben. ( Herbal extracts are the Ivy, Hops, and Capsicum. Retinol and Copper Peptides are part of the Vitamin and Mineral Complex.)
  • Apply 10-14 or more sprays directly in the area of hair loss and thinning hair, twice per day.
  • Hold the localized spray as close to scalp as possible, concentrating on getting the lotion on the scalp rather than the hair. 
  • The included dropper can be used rather than the sprayer, if desired.
  • Can be used on a damp scalp or a fully dry scalp.
  • Massage the lotion into the scalp.
  • Do not rinse.
  • Spectral.RS® should be applied whether your hair has been washed or not.
  • Can be used on conjunction with any quality conditioner.  It's recommended you use Revita Shampoo for best results.
Spectral.RS® can be used in conjunction with topical treatments containing Minoxidil for dramatically improved effectiveness. Important Information:
  • The use of nanosomes in this product increases absorption of surrounding substances. Using topical treatments containing Minoxidil in conjunction with Spectral.RS® can increase the chance of Minoxidil side effects.
  • Spectral RS has not been tested on pregnant women. If you are pregnant or possibly pregnant, please consult your physician prior to use.
  • Spectral RS should be alright as far as blood pressure goes, however, this advice cannot replace the advice of your physician, so please do check with your doctor first. You may begin with smaller doses or less frequent applications so as to be able to grow accustomed to this product and its effects. You may then slowly work up to the normal dosages for a full and entirely effective treatment.