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  • Ajuven

    Ajuven Men's Body Oil with Shea Butter

    Our Ajuvén Body Oil with Shea Butter is an unique blend of all natural healing plant oils. We include the ultimate moisturizer, Shea Butter along with Aloe Vera and Avocado Oils for healing and Grapeseed oil to give the blend a light non-greasy...

    $14.99 $20.00
  • HumiNature

    HumiNature East African Shea Butter

    East African Shea Butter is the crème de la crème of Shea Butters. Because it is extracted manually from the highest quality shea nuts of the Nilotica variety, East African Shea Butter is softer and more fragrant than shea butter of West...

    $14.99 $18.00
  • Nubian Heritage

    Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed Lotion

    Black Seed also known as the "Seed of Blessing" had medicinal properties so powerful that it has also been called the "cure for all disease". Our ancestors used Black Seed Oil on the skin to strengthen the immune system, prevent skin infections, increase...

    $12.99 $13.99
  • Nubian Heritage

    Nubian Heritage Shea Butter Lotion

    Nubian Heritage's Shea Butter lotions are produced with lots of Shea Butter and other high quality ingredients. The natural ingredients Nubian Heritage imports from Africa are blended into recipes created for today's demands on you. These lotions are...

    $12.99 $13.99
  • Treasured Locks Brand Beauty Products

    Treasured Locks Raw Shea Butter

    Africans have known the secret of Shea Butter for centuries. They use it to moisturize, replenish, soothe and condition their skin. They use it for their face, hair and bodies. Treasured Locks' Raw Shea Butter is premium quality shea butter, imported...

    $10.99 $15.00