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Treasured Locks Move To BigCommerce

Posted by Brian D. Smith on

You may have noticed some minor and not-so-minor changes in our store in the past few days. We have just completed a major migration of the store from where it has been hosted for the last 15 years to a newer, more robust platform.  This migration was over a year in the works. Account management will be better, the rewards system will be easier to use and to understand. We are going to change our return policy to make it easier to buy with confidence.  We have a whole host of things planned for the coming months that will make your shopping experience better.

There are some growing pains associated with this move. The main thing you might notice is your order history is no longer there.  There was no way to move the order history. For that, we apologize.  However, you will retain your rewards points that you have earned and the order history will begin with your first order on the new platform.

The changes you will notice right away:

  1. There is now a bar at the top of the screen indicating if you are logged in or not.  For the best shopping experience, you should always log in before you purchase. This will give you access to all of the features of the store and you can see your rewards points that you have earned.
  2. You can check out either as a guest or log in. Again, for the best shopping experience (and so that you don't have to type all of your personal information every time, please log in.
  3. Rewards are now easier to use. When you redeem points, it will add a store credit to your account.  No more coupon codes.  No more worrying about expiration dates.  You will still need to go to your MyAccount to redeem the points. To use the points, there is a link that will appear in the payments section when you have a store credit.  Just click the link to apply the credit to that order.

That's it for now. We will keep you posted as more enhancements become available.  Please, please, please contact us when you experience any problem so that we can get it corrected.

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