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Five Natural Ways To Avoid Hair Loss

Posted by Brian D. Smith on

As we go through life, there might come a time when we lose our hair for one reason or another.  Medications, stress, improper treatment of the hair, genetics, and aging can are just some of the reasons we might lose our hair at one time or another.  While there are a couple of drugs that can help with hair loss (treatments, not cures) and some people might go as far as surgery, knowing how to avoid hair loss as long as possible can be a helpful strategy. Here are five easy and natural ways to make sure the hair you have sticks around for as long as possible.

  1. Avoid stress and get plenty of sleep- stress can cause your body to divert energy being used to create healthy hair into doing other things leading to thinning hair and even hair breakage.  To avoid this, it's important to take care of your general health including getting plenty of rest and doing stress reducing activities such as meditation, exercise, yoga, etc.
  2. Proper nutrition- your hair and skin are built of what you eat.  Getting plenty of the building blocks that your body uses to make hair can ensure that the hair you have is healthy and grows long and luxurious.  Protein (collagen) is important as are vitamins particularly vitamins A and B.  Eating fruits and vegetables can also be helpful.
  3. Drink plenty of water- water is not only essential for your body to use to maintain all of its functions, it acts as a natural flushing system to help your body remove toxins. Getting plenty of water helps reduce the build up of toxins which can inhibit hair growth.
  4. Supplement- Certain nutrients are known to have benefits for hair and skin.  Treasured Locks offers a variety of supplements in various forms (including a chewable Biotin supplement) that can help with hair and skin health.
  5. Take care of the hair you have- think of your hair as a collection of delicate fibers. How would you treat a silk scarf?  We tend to abuse our hair with chemicals, dyes, and heat and then wonder why it's not as healthy as we would like. Styling our hair is something most of us appreciate, but we need to keep in mind that it can only stand so much abuse before it starts to break down.  Keep the heat to a minimum. Avoid stripping the hair to dye it.  Gently towel dry your hair after washing.  Following these tips will keep the strands as healthy as possible through their lifecycle.  

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