Hair Loss Products for Regrowth

  • Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

    DS Laboratories

    Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

    Description Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo is the most efficient hair growth stimulating shampoo available in the market. Revita is specially formulated to reverse the problems that cause hair loss and retard hair growth. Revita is the final...

  • Revita.COR Hair Loss Conditioner

    DS Laboratories

    Revita.COR Hair Loss Conditioner

    Revita.COR is the companion conditioner that goes along with the ultra-premium hair restoration Revita Shampoo.  Revita.COR delivers state-of-the-art hair growth stimulation and works best in conjunction with regular use of Revita shampoo.  To...

  • Spectral DNC-N

    DS Laboratories

    Spectral DNC-N

    Spectral DNC-N is the first hair loss treatment with NanoxidilTM 5%.  Spectral DNC-N is easy to use, safe and effective and has been clinically shown to regrow hair.  Spectral DNC-N is intended for people with light to moderate hair loss, ...

  • Spectral.RS Hair Loss Treatment

    DS Laboratories

    Spectral.RS Hair Loss Treatment

    Spectral.RS® is an advanced hair regrowth treatment that increases hair growth and prevents hair loss without the use of Minoxidil. Spectral.RS can regrow hair in people who have post-natal shedding, menopausal issues, slow growing hair and thinning...

  • Ultimate Hair Growth Bundle

    Treasured Locks Brand Beauty Products

    Ultimate Hair Growth Bundle

    Great hair starts from the inside.  Our Treasured Locks H2G supplements are designed to give your body what it needs to promote natural growth of your hair.  Treasured Locks H2G Hair Growth Supplement is a combination of not just biotin, as...

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