Hair Smoothing and Straightening

  • Treasured Locks Rose Water

    Treasured Locks Brand Beauty Products

    Treasured Locks Rose Water

    Description: Rose water (also called rosewater)  is a hydrosol made from the steam distillation of rose petals.  Rose water is very versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Our clients love it for mixing with SuperNatural Curl...

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  • SuperNatural Curl Tamer Herbal Hair Mask

    Treasured Locks Brand Beauty Products

    SuperNatural Curl Tamer Herbal Hair Mask

    Are you tired of frizzy, out-of-control curls? Then the SuperNatural Curl Tamer Herbal Hair Mask from Treasured Locks is just the product for you! Made with 100-percent natural, herb-based ingredients. Encourages growth and improves strength. Elongates...

    $14.99 $20.00
  • HydraCap Deep Hydrating Conditioning Cap

    Treasured Locks Brand Beauty Products

    HydraCap Deep Hydrating Conditioning Cap

    Treasured Locks unique HydraCap is a new innovative way to deep condition your hair. Everyone knows that deep conditioning treatments work better with heat. Warm, moist heat opens the cuticles of your hair, allowing deep conditioning treatments and hot...

    $5.99 $8.99
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    Simply Smooth Travel Pack

    Simply Smooth Travel Pack

    Just in time for the spring/summer travel season, Simply Smooth has provided us with this limited time offer on travel size bottles of your favorite products.  You can take a pocket knife on a plane, but you still can't pack your full size bottle of...

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  • Sahara Clay

    Baka Beauty

    Sahara Clay

    Baka Beauty's Sahara Clay is an Original, 100% natural, clay hair treatment and facial mask. This 15 minute treatment can add years of life to your hair. It is an excellent deep cleansing treatment for locks. Sahara Clay can be used to deep cleanse hair...

  • Natural-Laxer Silk Protein Conditioner

    Baka Beauty

    Natural-Laxer Silk Protein Conditioner

    Natural-Laxer's Silk Protein Conditioner penetrates and deep conditions in sixty seconds with 19 amino acids and vitamins essential to healthy hair. Botanicals strengthen and revitalize the hair shaft. Instant conditioning releases exceptional...

  • Natural-Laxer MIX

    Baka Beauty

    Natural-Laxer MIX

    Baka Beauty Products International has brought an all natural herbal relaxer and hair treatment to the Western World. Before you order, please read what this "relaxer" is and what it is not. We believe natural relaxers have gotten a bad rap for two...

  • Natural-Laxer Herbal Hair Oil

    Baka Beauty

    Natural-Laxer Herbal Hair Oil

    Natural-Laxer Hair Oil has been completely reformulated to be even better for your hair. The new formula contains more than 50% Argan Oil, directly imported from the source in North Africa. It also contains advocado oil, almond oil, and a sprinkling of...

  • HumiNature Rhassoul Clay


    HumiNature Rhassoul Clay

    Today Rhassoul can be found in a few, high quality, international skin care products and is also used for purifying body and face masks by spas. HumiNature Rhassoul clay leaves the hair and skin unbelievably clean by removing excess oils and toxins...

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  • Baka Natural-Laxer Silk Cream Shampoo

    Baka Beauty

    Baka Natural-Laxer Silk Cream Shampoo

    Baka Natural-Laxer Silk Protein shampoo is a moisturizing, strenghtening shampoo enhanced with amino acids to help make hair strong and resilient. Now Sulfate and Paraben Free!   Ingredients Water, Sodium Laureth Sulface, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate,...