Shipping Information

International Shipping (outside of Canada or Mexico)
Special Circumstances
Canada or Mexico

All orders $80 or over ship free.*

*Free Ground Shipping is available for orders over $80.00, shipped to a street address within the Continental United States.  Free Shipping is not available to Post Office Boxes or destinations outside the lower 48 states.

Domestic Shipping Rates:

Order from 0 to $19.99 Order from $20.00 to $79.99
Order of $80 or more
Ground (~ 1 week in transit) $5.95 $8.95 FREE* 
Priority Mail (2-3 days in transit) $6.95 $9.95 $9.95
Post Office Box (must choose for PO Boxes) $6.95 $9.95 $9.95
Non Continental U.S. (AK, HI, Territories) $9.95 $12.95 $12.95
APOs (Thanks for serving our country!) $5.95 $8.95 FREE
Express*** (email us to confirm) $29.95 $34.95 $34.95


Shipping to Canada or Mexico

Orders to Canada and Mexico are generally sent via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. Shipping charges are below:

  Order from 0 to $19.99 Order from $20-199.99 Orders over $200
United States Postal Service $14.95 $27.95 $39.95


When can I expect to receive my order?

Our goal is, for in stock items, your order be shipped within 3 business days of the day you place it. For example, orders placed on Monday will generally ship by Thursday. Orders placed on a Friday will generally ship by the next Wednesday. Our goal is to get your order to you as quickly and economically as possible. Please select your shipping method based on the following guidelines.  Orders often go out in one business day.  Please note that the times listed above are time the items are expected to take in transit

Shipping Options- Continental (U.S.)

Ground Delivery (~1 week)
Parcel Post is our standard delivery method.  This is the default option. If you choose Ground Service, you should allow up to a week in transit or 8 business days total. If you would like your order more quickly, there are options for quicker delivery.  How long this will take will depend on your proximity to our shipping location in Cincinnati, OH. 

Priority Mail (~2-3 business days)
For an additional charge, you can ensure your order ships via Priority Mail. Priority Mail packages generally ship within 2 business days of the order being placed. We suggest only choosing this option if you are in a particular hurry, as we upgrade many of our shipments to faster methods without charging you extra (see below for Discretionary Upgrades).  Please keep in mind that Priority Mail is not guaranteed service.  According to the U.S. Post Office, it normally takes 2-3 business days in transit. But, they do not guarantee this. Also, while we include Delivery Confirmation on all of our Priority Mail packages, this is not the same as tracking.  The Post Office often does not update their website with the status of the package until after it is delivered and they cannot tell us where it is during transit.

Express Delivery (Overnight to most areas)
** Available to street addresses in the Continental U.S. only.  Generally, we try to get it out the next day.  If you need an item overnight, we will do our best to get it out to you.  But, you should allow that it will ship the next business day.  It's best to email if  you place an Express Delivery order so that we can make our best effort to prioritize it over the other orders.  Express Delivery generally includes tracking and is guaranteed by the carrier to arrive by the end of the next business day (after being shipped).

We gladly ship to APOs. We are honored to be able to provide this service for those in the military.  APO orders will go out via the U.S. Post Office.  Most APO orders will ship via Priority Mail (at no extra charge).  Unfortunately, Delivery Confirmation and Tracking are not offered by the Post Office for APOs. 

Post Office Boxes
You must choose this option if your order is being shipped to a Post Office box.  If the option is not chosen, we will make the adjustment for you.

Discretionary Upgrades for Ground Delivery Orders
At our discretion, we provide free shipping upgrades to a Ground Carrier that provides tracking or to Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. For very small orders, we generally upgrade to First Class mail. If you would like to ensure your order ships via Priority Mail, please select the Priority Mail option. Whether or not we provide discretionary upgrades depends on your order total, the weight of the order and your location relative to Cincinnati, OH.

Special circumstances:
If you have any special needs (like Saturday or Sunday delivery), please call and we will try to accommodate you.

Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories

Please choose this option if you live in the U.S., but outside of the Continental U.S. This is for delivery via the U.S. Post Office. If you have requirements for faster delivery, please contact us.

International Shipping

Although Treasured does not ship International orders directly to customers, we would like to propose an alternative for our International customers.  You can still place an order with Treasured Locks by signing up with a third party mail forwarding service*.  This gives you a domestic address, in the United States, that Treasured Locks will ship to at our same low (or free) domestic shipping rates.  The mail forwarding service takes care of getting your mail to you in your country.  This is a simpler and more cost effective way of servicing our International customers.  Please see below for how this works and how to get started.  Please note that the names of companies are given as examples only. Terms change. Companies come and go and this list is not updated.   Please do your own research on any mail forwarding companies before signing up for their services.
  • Step 1
    • Register with a mail forwarder to obtain a domestic address in the United States
  • Step 2
    • Place your order.
    • Enter your new shipping address and your billing address much match your credit card
    • Please make a note in the Comments field that this is an international order.  You may enter your international address there.
      • Other than Canada and Mexico, our system will not accept an International address as either the billing or shipping address.  You must use your domestic address

Please note that your country's customs may charge import taxes and/or duties. Treasured Locks does not pay these fees and has no way to predict if your order will be subject to these costs or how much they may be.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding international shipping

Why don't you ship directly outside of the United States?
Is this expensive? Complicated?
How much will it cost to ship my package to me?

What do I do if I want to order with you?
Who are some of the mail forwarding services?
I signed up with a service.  Can I start ordering now?
Do your shipping rates include taxes, tariffs, duties or other charges?
Does your free shipping apply to International orders?
My order is taking longer than expected or has been lost?  Can Treasured Locks help me?
Do you ship to APOs/FPOs?  (YES!!!- but...)
What about International fraud?

Q: Why doesn't Treasured Locks ship directly outside of the United States?
International shipping is expensive, not very reliable and can be complicated. Our clients were having difficulty with getting packages in a timely and cost efficient manner and we were spending too much of our resources handling international shipping issues (lost packages, slow delivery times, delays in approval of the shipping charges, failed credit cards, answering questions concerning cost, etc.).  To better serve our overall client base, we decided to leave the international shipping to the international shipping experts.  It was either that or raise our international surcharge dramatically.  Since mail forwarders are experts at international delivery, they can do it much more efficiently than we can.  Because they ship so much internationally, they get bulk rates and can be more competitive than we can.  Many of our international customers already know that and are using mail forwarding services.  Once you have signed up with a mail forwarding company, this makes it simpler for you the international customer (you know exactly what to expect from your mail forwarding company).  This also makes it simpler for us since we now can deal with all of our customers both domestic and international in exactly the same way. This allows us to keep our operation running smoothly and our prices low.

Is it expensive? Complicated?
We believe this is better than having items shipped directly from Treasured Locks.  First, the mail forwarding services are experts in international shipping. They can help negotiate the various customs regulations, help you find the best shipping method (right combination of price and speed) and since they buy international shipping in bulk from the carriers, they get discounts that Treasured Locks cannot get.  Their services are priced reasonably, some charging a monthly fee and an up front cost- some not charging any monthly fees.  Some offer different levels of service, which allow you to choose the type of shipping you want.

Once you have signed up, the service is simple to use.  You simply order on-line, as you normally would; only you enter your new United States address as the ship to address.  Then, you work with your mail forwarding company to have the package shipped to you.

Q: How much will it cost to ship my package to me?
Our Domestic Shipping rates apply for the shipping to your mail forwarding service.  Treasured Locks will charge this amount to your credit card at the time we ship.  We cannot answer how much it will cost to get your package from the mail forwarding service to you.  The cost will depend on the weight of your package.  We also cannot tell you how much your package will weigh.  Please do not ask for a shipping quote or estimate. Here are some guidelines.

Our average package weighs somewhere between 2-4 pounds (1-2 kg).  Most of our individual items weigh far less than a pound.  

Access USA offers a rate calculator on their website.  Shop the States has a rates page on the FAQs page.  You can play around with these to get an estimate of how much your package will cost to have it shipped to you.  Each mail forwarder offers different rate structures with some charging up front and/or monthly fees and some charging a per package fee. 

Q: What do I do if I want to order with you?
The first step is to sign up with a mail forwarding service. A mail forwarding service gives you an address in the United States that you can use to have packages mailed to you.  The mail forwarding service receives your packages and mails them to you, in your country, for a fee.  This greatly simplifies Internet shopping for international customers on all Internet purchases.  Once you have this in place, you can shop with ease from any United States based Internet store.  See the next question for some links to mail forwarding services (these are NOT endorsement of these particular services).

Important second step:  After signing up with a mail forwarding service, a key step will be to notify your credit card company of your new address in the United States (as an alternate address).  This will allow the merchant (us in this case to get an "address match" on your address).  This is very important in terms of security.   Your order may be denied by merchants if the address you give is not listed as an alternate address with your credit card company.

Q: Who are some of the mail forwarding services*?
Your choice of mail forwarding services is entirely up to you.  Here are some that we are aware of.  Please keep in mind this is not an endorsement of any particular service.  You should do your own research.

These vendors have different fees and offer different services. Please visit their websites and read carefully.  Access USA offers a "Personal Shopper" service which will pay for your merchandise for you.  This can be very useful if you are having problems getting an alternate address on your credit card, want to use a check or if your credit card does not support address verification (many international cards do not).  Some have monthly fees and set up fees (but charge less per package) and some have lower fees but charge more per package.

Q: I have signed up with a mail forwarding service. Can I begin my orders?
You can begin ordering.  But, please do not forget the important second step.  Make sure to contact your credit card company and add your  US mailing address as your alternate shipping address. Or, you can use the personal shopper service option that Access USA offers.    USA Box also offers a shopping service.  They will place and pay for your orders for you.

To order, shop as you normally would.  When you check out, enter your new United States street address as the "Ship to" address.  Do not enter your International address as the billing address as our system will not accept international addresses.

Q: Do your shipping rates includes taxes, tariffs, duties, etc.?
No. Treasured Locks rates have never included any fees that might be imposed by your local government.  Our fees include the cost of shipping only.  If you have any questions concerning import duties, taxes, etc., your mail forwarding service should be able to help you.

Q: I bought a product that has free shipping. Does it also mean free international shipping?
Yes and No.  Since we do not ship Internationally, our free shipping does apply to the domestic portion of the your shipping.  Our free shipping offer applies to packages shipped to a street address in the continental United States.  If your mail forwarder provides you with such an address and your order qualified for free shipping, we cover that portion of the shipping cost.  Your mail forwarding service will charge their normal fee for the international portion of the shipping.

Q: My order is taking longer than expected to arrive or has been lost. Whom should I contact?
Your first contact should be with your mail forwarding service. If they have received the package, they are responsible for getting from them to you. Treasured Locks is only responsible for getting the package from our location to the address in the United States.  We will use our normal delivery methods which may include delivery confirmation or tracking.  This information will be provided to you when your order ships and can be used to determine whether the package reached the mail forwarding company. 

Q: Do you ship to APOs/FPOs?
We are happy to be able to service our armed forces and are happy to ship to APOs/FPOs with no surcharge.  There are a few things for you to understand to make the process smoother.  First, please do not put the name of the country you are stationed in into the address field. APOs/FPOs are considered domestic by the United States Postal Service.  We have to fill out customs paperwork.  But, we use Domestic Shipping rates.  If you put the country in, our system will not accept your order. Put the first three letters (usually APO or FPO) into the City field and the last two letters (AE or AP) into the State field. Put the five digit number into the Zip Code field.

Unfortunately, there is no way to track or get Delivery Confirmation on APOs/FPOs.  The United States Post Office gets the package to the APO and it's up the military to take it from there.  If you contact us about a package sent to an APO, all we can tell you is the date we mailed it and where it was addressed to.  We cannot take responsibility for lost or delayed packages sent to an APO. 

Q: What about International Fraud?
Due to high fraud rates on International Orders and to the lack of a system to verify credit card information in some foreign countries, we reserve the right to require a copy of back and front of your credit card or a recent credit card statement as well as a signed, written authorization to charge your card the amount of the order.  We might also ask for a scan of a picture ID.  If requested, you must send this information in a file to us via email.  (Hint- a digital camera is an excellent way of doing this).