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HydraCap Deep Hydrating Conditioning Cap
HydraCap Deep Hydrating Conditioning Cap

HydraCap Deep Hydrating Conditioning Cap

Package of 6 caps
  • $5.99
  • Buy 3 or more at $4.99 each
The HydraCap is a new innovative way to deep condition your hair.  Everyone knows that deep conditioning treatments work better with heat.  Warm, moist heat opens the cuticles of your hair, allowing deep conditioning treatments and hot oil treatments to penetrate the hair where they can do the most good.  Until now you've had to plug in a conditioning cap or use some other external source of heat to get the heat needed to activate these deep conditioning treatments.  The portable, disposable HydraCap uses the natural heat from your head along with its snug fit to produce the heat necessary to activate deep conditioning treatments.  The Hydra-Cap is great after relaxers or hair coloring.  It works well for hair stressed from too much dry heat from flat irons or blow dryers.  It works on all hair types and its shrink-to-fit design allows it to work on every sized head.

The Hydra-Cap is economical and easy to use.
  • Locks in moisture
  • No drips
  • Less Mess
  • Easy hot oil treatments and deep conditioning in your own home
  • Affordable- less than $1.00 per treatment!
The HydraCap shrinks to fit your head using the hot air from an ordinary hair dryer. Hot air blown directly on your hair dries the hair out. By shrinking the Hydra-Cap to your head, you capture moisture and heat and drive the deep conditioning treatment into the hair itself. All you need is the conditioning treatment or hot oil and an ordinary blow dryer to shrink the cap to fit your head.  It's the snug fit that makes it so very different from an ordinary conditioning cap.
Protected by U.S. Patent # 7069597

  • Saturate and mask hair with conditioners or hot oil treatments.
  • Secure hair with butterfly clips or hair band.
  • Place cap over the head and pull it over ears and forehead.
  • Do not pull below eye level or over the face.
  • Heat cap with hair dryer, starting with the edges from front to back, and then proceed all over cap. Don’t miss any spots.
  • The cap will start shrink to a snug fit.
  • On average, keep cap on for 15 to 20 minutes. The conditioners will start penetrating conditioners into the hair follicle.
  • Remove cap gently and rinse excess conditioner or oil from hair

By diane from san antonio,tx on January 17, 2012
can I use this cap and then sit under hood dryer? instead of using hand held dryer also will this cap work for using the diva smooth product?
By Treasured Locks Staff on January 17, 2012

Yes, you can use it under a hood dryer and it works for Diva Smooth, Natural-Laxer MIX or deep conditioning products.

By Cineca A. from Rosedale, NY on January 28, 2013
I'm natural and recently started swimming for exercise. I was told to wet my hair, apply conditioner then put on a swim cap. Regular water and conditioner will prevent my hair from soaking up a lot of chlorine. Do you know if this can be used under a swim cap as a second barrier to prevent chlorine from getting in to my hair?
By Treasured Locks Staff on January 28, 2013

This could work. I think it would be worth a try.

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Customer Reviews for this Product

HydraCap Deep Hydrating Conditioning Cap
4.5 Stars based on 45 Review(s)
Erica Sabo
Boynton Beach, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent and Fun product
May 14, 2010
When I first purchased these caps, my thought process was less mess while deep conditioning my hair. The additional benefits were a nice surprise! Remember "shrinky dinks"? This product literally shrinks to your head when the heat is applied. It retains more heat then the traditional plastic cap and is definitely less messy. The cap tightens around your head leaving less air in the cap allowing the conditioner to penetrate your hair better. I suggest putting the cap on with your head hanging down. This allows you to get all your hair in the cap without missing any. Then heat the plastic with your hand dryer and watch the cap shrink to the shape of your head. I use my hand dryer to shrink it into place, then I sit under the dryer for 20 min. I think it's a little fun and it makes me want to doing it once a week. My hair looks great!

Nadia Mouto
Montreal, Québec
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

It REALLY DOES work great
May 27, 2014
Deep conditioning treatment! I must say that I really like it.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

October 23, 2013
I love them!

Upstate, New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

October 2, 2013
First saw HydraCaps used on youtube and just had to try them*** I am chemical free and have the BEST RESULTS EVER with these. I used this with my coco-laxer (wet). Hair turned out best ever! Used it as a dry silk wrap on flat ironed hair with natural and essential oils only! Pure, Silky, Shiny Hair with no revision (even in rainy, cold damp weather, showering with shower cap, and boiled water steam from cooking directly blasted on it) for a week! Would have lasted longer, but I like to deep condition weekly with these HydraCaps now as a vital part of my hair routine. Thank you, Treasured Locks, for helping me keep hair looking as good as if I used chemicals. I'm feeling your slogan: Nature, Beauty, You*** Thank you ever so much

Ebony Beauty
South Korea
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Cap for Deep Conditioning
October 2, 2013
If you Henna your hair, you are going to need one of these caps. Great for keep the hair tights while deep conditioning!!!

New York, NY
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I Really Like These Caps
July 4, 2013
I received these last year when I ordered Baka Beauty Natural-Laxer. I forgot how much I liked them until I started doing my hair instead going to the salon more often and I was doing lots of treatments that required a plastic cap/wrap. The conditioning caps that I would buy in the drugstore didn't really stay on my head that well and the plastic wrap is just such a hassle. With HydraCap, I put it on, turn on the blow dryer and within seconds I am done! My only negative is that you throw it away after one use. I just don't like being so wasteful.
Best Uses:
Natural-Laxer Pre-Shampoo Conditioning Deep Conditioning

Sleek Edges
Fairfield, California
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Product
June 15, 2013
I first purchased these caps at Sally Beauty Supply. Recently they have stopped carrying these caps and I have yet to locate them at another beauty store. I suffer from dry edge. So I mix tea tree, jojoba, and coconut oil as a hot oil regiment. I would use the shower caps but end up wrapping a towel around my head to keep the heat in and to stop the oil from dripping down my neck. In utilizing these caps, it keeps the heat and the oils in. I have noticed after rinsing my hair out that the oil or any conditioner penetrates the hair and scalp much better and I have noticed that the discoloration around my edges from scaling has gone away. I don't wear braids or weaves; just pony tail most of the time. I would recommend these caps to anyone.
Best Uses:
Hot oil and deep conditioning treatments.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

works great
June 2, 2013
It works great...does what it is designed to do

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awesome, but...
November 1, 2012
These caps are great. I will continue to buy them for conditioning treatments and for coloring my hair with henna. However, I have a LOT of hair. I have to wind it up into a bun on the top of my head, and so the cap does not quite fit, it's a bit small. I'm sure it will fit better if I can find a way to secure my hair flatter around my head. These caps need to come in sizes! That's my only complaint though.

Great Falls, MT
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hydrating Conditioning Cap
October 6, 2012
This cap is awesome! My only con with this item is that sometimes it will drip, but that's not enough to keep me from being satisfied! After one time use of deep conditioning my hair, it was so soft, shiny, and manageable after washing and deep conditioning. After shrinking the cap with the dryer, your body heat works as the heat conditioning while keeping the cap on 15-20 minutes. I will definitely stock up on these. Wish there were more in the pack!

Gardena , CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Like Nothing I've Ever Seen Before!
September 28, 2012
This product is really cool. I use it with an argan oil conditioner to straighten my hair. The results are amazing. The cap takes a minute to get used to because at first it seems like there's too much of it. It literally covers your whole head and eyes. But after putting heat on it the cap will shrink so no worries there. Be careful when heating the sides of your head (the ears and the nape of the neck) or the heat might burn you. Like other reviewers have said there are no drips and no mess. Follow the directions on the back of the package and you should do fine. Only problem I have is that the hydracaps can't be used again and a again like a regular cap can but that's the sacrifice that must be made for a thorough deep conditioning.

Irving, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great conditioning cap
May 20, 2012
Does a good job of providing heat for deep conditioning.

Atlanta, GA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it!
March 20, 2012
I really love this product! It's much simpler and almost as affective as sitting under a hooded dryer. I can deep condition and simultaneously cook or exercise, or run errands. I am so happy with this purchase.

Sulphur Springs, Texas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

February 15, 2012
These work perfect for my daughter because she does't have to sit under a dryer (which she hates!).

Suitland, MD
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

These caps are handy
December 7, 2011
I have found the shrink wrap caps to be very handy. I often put it on, make sure all of my hair in underneath, use the blow dryer to shrink it down, and then sleep in it over night. To seal in more heat and to keep it from making as much noise while I sleep, I place a hair towel over the cap. Another tip, you may want to put a towel over your pillow in case there is oil or other residue seeping out from the very bottom of the cap. The seal is nice and tight but because I use it with the clay hair mask a lot, the clay at the very bottom of my nape tends to dry and chip off a little. The towel on your pillow will catch this type of residue and keep you from making a mess.